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Jeffery Epstein And Bill Clinton: 8 Young Women Were Brought To White House During Visits

A recent bombshell report by the Daily Mail has revealed that between 1993-1995, the now-deceased convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein brought a total of eight young women to the White House while he was meeting with then-president Bill Clinton.

Previous visitor logs from the White House have confirmed Epstein visited the White House a total of 17 times. His first visit to the White House was in 1993, shortly after Bill Clinton was inaugurated, and after that day he visited the White House 16 more times and also brought young women as guests.

The White House logs confirmed that three of those trips to the White House were to attend a dinner with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Blue Room with dozens of other wealthy guests in attendance, too. There is no other information on what Epstein did during his visits to the White House, but it was reported he would go to the same wing where Clinton spent most of his time.

The White House logs are not the only evidence that Epstein was granted access to the White House. A video that police took when they raided his home in Palm Beach Florida also shows several pictures of Epstein and an unidentified woman at the White House standing at the podium where Clinton’s Press Secretary would stand to give briefings.

The eight young women that Epstein brought to the White House were not minors, but were believed to be in a romantic relationship with Epstein at the time. The Daily Mail identified the eight-woman who were found in the White House logs as:

Celina Midelfart, then 21, Eva Andersson-Dubin, then 33, Francis Jardine, who was believed to be in her 20s, and his one-time girlfriend turned madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was 32.

The four other women who also appear in the logs are Jennifer Garrison, Shelley Gafni, Jennifer Driver, and Lyoubov Orlova.

Ghislaine Maxwell was one of the most frequent visitors with Epstein and has been recently found guilty of child sex trafficking. However, she may be granted a retrial after two of the jurors gave an exclusive interview which revealed they were both victims of sexual abuse, and according to Maxwell’s counsel both of those jurors answered they weren’t victims of sexual abuse on their juror selection surveys.

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Maxwell and Epstein not only met up with the President of the United States, but they also took a trip to the Vatican to receive a “blessing” from Pope John Paul II. It didn’t end there though. Photos have also shown Prince Andrew, Jeffery Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell all together.

Prince Andrew was recently stripped from all of his military titles after a US woman sued Andrew for sexually assaulting her when she was a teen. Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit has made it to a US Court and Prince Andrew will have to answer to Virginia’s claims that Andrew sexually assaulted her at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, Epstein’s private island, and at Maxwell’s estate in London when Virginia was just 17 years old.

Prince Andrew has denied all allegations and even stated he never saw Virginia before in his life, but verified photos have surfaced of Virginia, Maxwell, and Andrew all together that tell a different story.

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  1. God Bless American girls who bring down the British Monarchy!! The Powers That Be use wholesome Yanks Virginia Giuffre and Meghan Markle to crucify the Monarchy no doubt inspired by THE American queen of major damage, the ancient Wallis Simpson! Ladies who didn’t have the balls to do the damage on their own, they were groomed and financed to fulfill the deranged goals their handlers desired.

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