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Does Sotomayor Not Trust The Science?

Throughout the pandemic, our ruling class has demanded that the vast majority take unprecedented steps to protect the minute minority. Kids have been asked to sacrifice their academic growth and emotional wellbeing so that teachers unions could collect dues while their members cowered behind screens. Small business owners were asked to give up their livelihoods so that vulnerable populations would be safe. Never mind all foot traffic converged at the still-open Big Box stores. Society was effectively shut down so that its tiny community of residents in long-term care facilities in nursing homes would be protected. It has been a massive shift in carrying a burden, wholly unfair and entirely unnecessary. It is morally upside down as well.

Each day, one hopes that this mindset is reverting back to a conventional and commonsensical norm. Reporting from NPR tried to claim that Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch declined to “wear a mask out of respect” for his overweight, diabetic, and unhealthy colleague Sonia Sotomayor at her request.  It turns out that NPR’s Nina Totenberg pushed more fake news in an attempt to smear one of the few conservative thinkers on the nominally conservative-leaning Supreme Court. 

Still, though, Gorsuch is indeed going maskless while hearing oral arguments. At the same time, Sotomayor is listening virtually from her chambers. This about sums up how we should be handling Covid writ large. There are two big lessons to be learned from his example.

First, we have reached the point where Covid will only be conquered by conquering our collective and programmed fears surrounding it. In other words, Covid will only truly disappear when we let it. One way to communicate this progress is through immediately ceasing with the grotesque and dehumanizing kabuki theater and virtue signaling that is mask wearing. Despite decades of literature around viral transmission, only now, after two years of futility, is the CDC admitting that the effectiveness of cloth and basic surgical masks (which the entire public has been wearing), serves little purpose. The ruling class kenw this, yet still they lied in order to maximize their return on the fear factor.

Second, each person in this scenario, Gorsuch and Sotomayor, are acting in accordance with their own comfortability. Life is moving on, and each is adapting as needed. For Gorsuch, that means breathing in clean air and making his entire face accessible for true human interaction and understanding. For Sotomayor, that means recognizing she is more vulnerable to adverse effects of contracting the virus. Neither is asking the other to do something for themselves. 

The ire directed at Gorsuch by the corporate media is predictable. Rolling Stone ran a headline that said he was standing up for “his right to endanger” the health of Sotomayor. As always, the progressive left is intentionally incorrect. To be fair, though, they got one thing absolutely right: It is his right to not wear a mask. 

One last thought: We are told that Sonia Sotomayor is triple vaccinated. Does she believe the vaccines work? If so, then why is she hiding in her chambers? If not, then why is she demanding the entire country submit to them?

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8 thoughts on “Does Sotomayor Not Trust The Science?”

  1. If science can’t be questioned it’s not science anymore. It’s propaganda. They want to rip on people for taking Ivermectin. I researched and saw the evidence on the internet. Research papers are on the internet for those who wants to see. Top respected world doctors are being under defamation by MSM and vaccine manufacturers. I won’t back down recommeding IVM. You can get yours by visiting

  2. This entire Covid mess is a world class political scam and those who”believe” it to be real are either ignorant or part of it. Fauci is a fraud and should be tried and hung for Genocide, Biden just put away in a nursing home, he’s toast upstairs, hang Bill Gates along with Fauci, and ALL democrat and those GOP politicians and judges supporting this scam need to to be investigated by a competent authority, if we ever get one again. The election was stolen! Let’s Go, Brandon!

  3. Sotomayor was put on the SCOTUS for all of the wrong reasons and had little to no ability to be there. Kagan is only marginally better qualified. Both are nothing but puppets for the leftists that already control Roberts and Breyer. Don’t know if there is any method or means to get rid of an incompetent judge at their level–if not, there should be. There should also be an age max to retire. Why should they be any different than the majority of people they are SUPPOSED to represent and protect according to the Constitution.

  4. Sotomayor is an ignorant rube. She got the job because she was the correct race, sex, and political party–that’s the sum of her qualifications. She’s not very smart at all and can’t distinguish between fact and Democrat propaganda. It’s actually terrifying that someone of her caliber is making SCOTUS rulings! LOL!

  5. Anyone who wears a mask and face shield known by the rational to both be of little or no meaningful use against a virus, should be considered a neurotic hysteric who is also “of no meaningful use” on the subject.

  6. How pathetic to have someone sit on the highest judicial office of the land who is either so stupid, or outright lies about the number of children with covid and many are on ventilators. She should be thrown off of the Supreme Court.

  7. It has already been disputed by all three justices involved, Soto, Gorsuch and Roberts, all saying that NPR and its lying reporter LIED. Robert DID NOT ask the justices to mask, and Soto and Gorsuch issued a statement that there is no feud whatsoever, no disagreement of any kind.

    The lying NPR report still insists she is right. Who you going to believe? Lying NPR or your own ears and eyes?

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