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[VIDEO] Nancy Pelosi Makes A Ridiculous Comment About Her House Colleagues

At a press conference earlier today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi skirted some serious questions from reporters about her stock trading before entering the realm of absurdity with gaslighting par excellence. On top of her highly questionable profits, her non sequitur response is so factually wrong that it beggars the question of why she won’t be flagged for spreading overt misinformation to the American people. I posted the video at the end of the article.

In a sane and normal world, the utterances of a gangster politician would rightfully be viewed as nothing more than baby kissing, hand shaking, and obscene pandering. We live in anything but a sane and normal world, thanks largely to the corrupt and amoral win-at-any-cost Democrat playbook. Donald Trump was accused of lying over 30,000 times according to Mother Jones, whom I won’t link to because they don’t deserve ad revenue from patriots. Mother Jones’ math means that Trump had to lie, on average, once every hour for every single day of his presidency. Is that even possible? 

Assuming Trump slept, held meetings, vacationed, and was otherwise off camera for most of the day, though, the figure of 30,000 suddenly morphed into an impossible human accomplishment. Corporate and social media made sure to highlight every word, sentence, paragraph, and statement and make sure to spin it into a lie. It didn’t matter if it was simply hyperbole, an error, or actually a lie.

Therefore, when Nancy Pelosi makes an outrageous and demonstrably false claim that she works with colleagues who possess “the greatest collection of intellect, integrity, and imagination,” she absolutely needs to be called out and admonished. If the powers-that-be can flag Rand Paul for making commonsensical observations or erase Trump from the interwebs based on hoax after hoax, then it stands to reason that Pelosi’s grotesque misrepresentation of reality should, at the very least, receive the same attention by social media. 

She won’t though, and we all know it.

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