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The Lemming State And COVID Tyranny

I recently learned that in Greece people over 60 who aren’t vaccinated can get fined $100 a day until they get the vaccine. Considering the bad shape the economy of Greece has been in and that many people, especially the elderly, aren’t likely very financially well off, this seems an unnecessarily harsh measure. But, of course, this vaccine tyranny has nothing to do with protecting the people of Greece from COVID. It has to do with a political force exerting total control over a hapless people to see how far they can push them, or so it seems to me.

But what is this political body? Is it an agency of the Grecian government? Or is it something outside the national state that is making it do its bidding for some entirely execrable reason? Something more global, something more sinister?

It is curious how countries as geographically, ethnically, and culturally diverse as New Zealand, Austria, and Greece have imposed tyrannical control over their inhabitants in an if-you-don’t-get-the-vaccines-you-will-be-sorry putsche. As we’ve seen, this punitive action takes the form of house arrest, fines, and spells in a gulag where similar vaccine miscreants are held under conditions that smack of fascism, communism, totalitarianism, and, perhaps, globalism?

The point I want to make about this here is that it has the appearance of some external governing force conducting a test to see how people of different cultures and religions, traditions, values, economic statuses, mindsets, expectations, and so on, react to otherwise identical punitive measures. These measures further seem to be scripted by this unknown outside force, and, quite disturbingly, they neither take individual freedoms into consideration nor do they give a damn about them! It’s about (achtung!) conformity, submissiveness, and obsequiousness.

Such an effort would have to be extremely well-funded and would require the input of experts such as sociologists, psychologists, medical doctors, economists, behavioral specialists, military strategists, and members of security forces, for starters. The purpose of these analyses is to see how people from these various diverse cultures react to, in this instance, vaccine mandates and other draconian measures mounted to allegedly stop the spread of COVID. They are looking, in particular, at who cooperates willingly and unquestioningly to the mandates and who refuses to do so for various strongly held reasons. And, then, they’re also trying to create a deep divide between these groups, so as to divide and weaken that society, break up any spirit of national identity that could unite and become a formidable fortress against this external global force.

But, then, who are the lemmings in these countries? It appears to me that they are the liberal thinkers, the ones who support without questioning Black Lives Matter, Antifa, climate change, transgenderism, abortion, defund the police, Obamacare, big government, the unhindered entry of illegal aliens, reliance on overseas sources of fuels, giving favored-nation-status to countries such as Afghanistan, China, and Iraq, and giving away lots of money to these rogue nations. And, having accepted every liberal cause without questioning, these are the same people who have gone along with all the COVID measures, even though there is much evidence to indicate that these measures aren’t effective.

But they do force people to do things that others who are more questioning aren’t automatically going along with just because some government “expert” tells them they’re safe. It strikes me as particularly absurd that those people who consider themselves sophisticated, well-educated, intellectual, visionary, and stalwartly in the vanguard of great thinkers supporting every new absurdity that comes along will line up submissively, without question, to receive vaccine after vaccine that not only has proved to not be effective in protecting against infection but is associated with very serious side effects. I don’t see well-honed critical thinking skills at work here. And, yes, isn’t it ironic that while liberals consider themselves very tolerant and accepting, what they’ve really gotten in the habit of doing it is going, unquestioningly, along with whatever hare-brained scheme the important, powerful, unknown “others” foist on them next.

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Particularly troubling will be whether these next schemes include the euthanization of the elderly, the disabled, the unfit, the feeble, the dull-witted, the Catholics, the Armenians? There’s experimentation on human subjects to think about. And what about forcing the dullards and the deplorables to do hard labor, while owning nothing, not being happy, and living in gulag-like camps? The possibilities are scarily endless.

So, yes, these mandates seem to have nothing to do with promoting the welfare of the people but instead seeing who will drink the Kool-aid, who will jump off the cliff, and who won’t.

By Betty Louise Tyndale

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Photo by DJ Paine on Unsplash