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[WATCH] Illinois High Schooler Lights Up Her School Board With Sarcasm!

This video is nothing short of amazing. This student is nothing short of courageous and impressive. Speaking only as a snark teenager can, the Illinois high schooler gets the final word with her depraved school board and so-called leaders when it comes to masking, vaccination, and all things Covid.

Watch below:

Disturbingly, it is doubtful any of the educators in the room will take to heart any of the impactful words dropped by this student. Appeasement for adults over doing what’s right and best for kids? Concerns over taking the easy way out? Resentment over not seeing peoples’ faces? Compelling obedience rather than fostering critical thinking? None of it matters to these criminals.

As more long-known, yet publicly-withheld information comes to light, it is only a matter of time before the perpetrators of these vile edicts should and must be held to account. Young people have been damaged far beyond what we can measure or know. Of all the destruction to society, it is this impact on kids and students that is most damning to the ruling class. Shame on all of them that pushed this unscientific nonsense.

If there is any good to have come of this, it is that a generation of fighters will have been raised to resist government tyranny. Hopefully, this girl represents just one of millions of young Americans who no longer trust a word of what any government leader has to say.

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4 thoughts on “[WATCH] Illinois High Schooler Lights Up Her School Board With Sarcasm!”

  1. Unless there are no mask mandates, vaccine mandates and no CRT , all the school administrators throughout the country, need to be replaced.

  2. Don’t feel sorry for the girl.
    Feel sorry for those that would be so insecure as to think that hating honesty, hating bravery, and hating those willing to say “the emperor has no clothes” instead of letting the emperor walk around naked and foolish – is somehow “righteous”.

    Fell sorry for them.

  3. Fauci Needs a MyPillow Mask

    Could someone please post the actual YouTube Link to this video? I refuse to support Twitter or show others their censored content. I hope that I can get it downloaded before YouTube takes it down in their censorship efforts.

  4. I feel so sorry for this girl.

    She is going to be hated and hated by the “Teachers” and other C-Grade college graduates.

    Always remember, those who could not make it in REAL college classes, always went into “Teaching”, “Or TransWoman Studies” or “African Studies”………..

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