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More Woke Companies To Avoid: List #5

The idea is to “avoid” these companies: Cancel Culture for the Cancel Culture, one might say. As noted previously, some of the companies that make up our list are extremely difficult to eliminate from our lives, but they can still be avoided on occasion. And such avoidance mustn’t be limited merely to doing business directly with these organizations, there are other ways for our voices to be heard. For instance, refuse to invest in these companies, whether through direct stock purchases or perhaps via mutual/index funds in your portfolios.

America is still a center-right country, and we’re continuing to shift ever so slightly to the right. The wokesters who attempt to force LGBTQ celebrations, BLM anti-Americanism, runaway government spending, and climate politics idiocy down our throats are in the minority. And if we conservatives stand up for our values and say “no,” thereby hitting them where it hurts – in their back accounts – we will make a difference.

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[Note that prior to explanations and justifications for each company, we’ve listed the official company name, its stock trading symbol, the industry in which the company operates, and the company’s annual gross revenue and market cap (if available), with all figures represented in millions.]

#37: Neiman Marcus Group

Neiman Marcus Group, Inc    SYM: None    Luxury Retail Dept Stores    Rev: $4,900   MC: N/A

No surprise here. When your entire marketing strategy consists of targeting wealthy elites, we know that kowtowing and virtue-signaling to their hoity-toity, highbrow customers is inevitable. This mindset by NMG may also explain the current financial problems they’re experiencing, having filed for bankruptcy in 2020, though they continue to be operational. {Note that the company is privately held}.

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Neiman Marcus is all-in on wokeness, and they brag about having their first LGBTQ+ CEO in Geoffroy van Raemdonck; though exactly which letter of the woke’s alphabet soup applies to the executive is unclear. NMG donates substantial funds to no less than three LGBTQ groups and flies the Pride Flag throughout the month of June at all locations. Despite their enthusiastic support for Black Lives Matter, Antifa/BLM rioters trashed their Dallas department store in 2020, followed by NMG doubling down on their support of BLM by painting “healing” messages on their boarded-up windows. We’re sure the next time those thugs are breaking into their stores for some more looting, they’ll take it easy on them due to their wokeness.

There are quite literally too many alternatives to mention when it comes to Neiman Marcus. In fact, we would argue that anyone who regularly shops at their overpriced stores should have their head examined. But, as always, if you’re looking to find other options for merchandise or services offered by NMG, investigate some local businesses first. Support your local retailers.

#38: Kroger

The Kroger Company    SYM: KR    Supermarkets    Rev: $132,498   MC: $27,741

Another huge company that couldn’t care less about your conservative values. They have an LGBTQ Allyship program for employees and go all-out in celebrating and financially supporting LGBTQ groups. Furthermore, they are openly hostile to employees that don’t share their affection for LGBTQ ideology (including their pronoun insanity) and went so far as to fire two employees who refused to wear rainbow flags on their uniforms. Kroger threw in $5 million for a BLM-inspired program to “promote social diversity,” and are also actively opposed to our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Not only is Kroger a Fortune 500 company, they rank #17 on that list. As a result, there’s a good chance Kroger has a prominent presence in your community. In most regions of the country, however, regional supermarkets such as Shop-Rite, Piggly Wiggly, Publix, Dillons, or Wegman’s may also be available, and perhaps even smaller chains. There are also online options for buying much of the products you’d otherwise buy at Kroger’s. There are choices available.

#39: Starbucks

Starbucks Corp    SYM:SBUX     Restaurant, Coffee    Rev: $23,518   MC: $133,212

Note that our ongoing list of woke companies is in no particular order. We’re not ranking companies based on some woke metric. If we were, however, to rank the companies according to their degree of wokeness, it’s certain that Starbucks would be at or near the top. The coffee chain isn’t just supportive of LGBTQ causes, it’s one of the leading such companies in the country, including training their employees on the movement’s pronoun word games. They didn’t just support Black Lives Matter – financially and rhetorically – they actively promoted the Marxist group. Starbucks has gone so woke, in fact, they considered leaving Facebook last year because of ‘hateful’ comments they received on the social media platform. And when Facebook isn’t woke enough for a company, we know they’ve gone over the edge.

This might be the easiest company on the list to avoid. Thanks in large part to Starbucks’ own success, most communities have had local coffee shops pop up, or perhaps some regional alternative. And we can always brew our own coffee and save some bucks at the same time.

#40: Hasbro

Hasbro Inc.    SYM:HAS     Toys, Games, Hobbies    Rev: $5,465   MC: $13,154

Is nothing sacred anymore? Hasbro seems to think not. Wokeness’ infection within Hasbro runs deep, so let’s consider just two examples, with a couple of America’s most iconic toys and games having been recently subjected to abject wokeism. In 2020 Hasbro decided that Mr. Potato Head would “Go Green” as their first toy to be made of plant-based plastic. Environmental responsibility isn’t a bad thing, but that makeover was merely a harbinger of things to come. Last year, Hasbro decided to throw Mr. Potato Head squarely into the middle of the transgender insanity, promising to make the toy more “gender-neutral” by rebranding him as simply “Potato Head.” Similarly, Hasbro has dragged the famed board game Monopoly into the mix, by addressing the mythical gender pay gap and making their cards in Community Chest more “socially sensitive,” punishing players for “failing to recycle” and rewarding them for helping animal shelters.

Are there alternatives for Hasbro’s products? Of course, but there’s only one Monopoly and Mr. Potato Head. One option for avoiding funneling money into Hasbro’s wokester craziness is to find used versions of the products. Hasbro’s already seen the revenue for those games, and you’ll also be buying the unwoke versions. Craig’s List, E-Bay, or flea markets are just a few examples of procurement methods that keep money out of Hasbro’s coffers. And again, we can all avoid investing in companies like Hasbro via the stocks/funds we purchase.

#41: Absolut     

Pernod Ricard     SYM:N/A     Alcohol       Rev: $11,.133       MC: N/A

Yes, even vodka isn’t safe from wokeness. Absolut – owned by the French company Pernod Ricard which also owns Jameson Whiskey – shows their full-fledged support of all things LGBTQ by offering rainbow-colored bottles… at a premium, predictably. The brand also claims to be at the forefront of Gay Pride and seldom misses a chance at virtue signaling accordingly. Additionally, the parent company Pernod Ricard doesn’t just embrace the Black Lives Matter movement, they’ve gone so far as to create an online app for users to identify “hate speech” on social media. Perhaps Jack Dorsey is a fan of Absolut drinks.

There are plenty of alternatives to both Absolut and Jameson, as well as the various wines sold by PR. Our personal favorites at The Blue State Conservative are Tito’s Vodka and any one of several Scotch Whiskeys; we suggest you try a single-malt variety. And if you must have an Irish Whiskey, try Blanton’s, Tullamore Dew, or Bushmill’s instead.

#42: Fitbit

Fitbit, LLC     SYM:N/A     Exercise Technology Equipment      Rev: $1, 420       MC: N/A

Fitbit was acquired by Google just a few months ago, but their affection for wokeness not only precedes their new parent company, it may in fact exceed it. Employee training at Fitbit includes all the requisite curriculum on catering to the LGBTQ community and engaging in the racist approach of anti-racism, and by late-May each year they’re chomping at the bit (no pun intended) to offer advice on celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Additionally, political donations from Fitbit employees overwhelmingly favor Democrats. The company also donated heavily to the anti-American Black Lives Matter two years ago and even promised to discriminate in contracting practices by bringing on more black fitness influencers/instructors.

It wasn’t long ago that Fitbit was relatively unchallenged in the exercise technology industry, but not anymore. There are plenty of other companies offering similar products and services with better quality and prices. Xiaomi, Garmin, and Samsung are just a few of the alternatives to Fitbit, but there are plenty of others. Shop around and find the best one for you; just be sure it isn’t Fitbit.

#43: Carhartt

Carhartt Inc,      SYM:N/A     Work Apparel      Rev: $600       MC: N/A

The woke approach by this privately held Michigan-based company is puzzling. Their target market is blue-collar, middle-class folks, and there’s no chance that their corporate SJW mentality plays well with that demographic. Carhartt Queer is a line of clothing by the brand targeted specifically for the LGBTQ community, and they have been vocal in their support of Pride Month. They were one of the louder companies who supported BLM in 2020, and they’re always sure to use an upper-case “B” when describing black folks. But the most surprising example of their leftist, woke ideology may have happened this week when it was discovered that Carhartt is forging ahead with their own COVID vaccine mandate despite last week’s SCOTUS ruling on the matter.

Once again, we have several options to choose from with apparel offerings similar to Carhartt, including Dri Duck, Walls, Dickies, and Wolverine. Spend that money you have set aside for heavy-duty work clothing with a company that doesn’t spit in the face of your conservative values and that respects their employees’ freedom to make their own health choices.

#44:  General Mills         

General Mills     SYM:GIS     Food: Misc and Diversified       Rev: $17,627       MC: $37,660

In order to attain a perfect score on the HRCF’s Workplace Equality for LGBTQ rating, a company must disregard the rights of employees that don’t embrace that lifestyle and culture. General Mills has received that perfect score fifteen times now. General Mills – the parent company of Cheerios, Pillsbury, Yoplait, and Nature Valley – engages in indoctrination-style employee training, puts on a Pride Ride Car Parade at their facilities each June, and sponsors a “National Coming Out Day.” Additionally, General Mills eagerly supported Black Lives Matter, and they have overwhelmingly supported Democrat political candidates in recent years.

Considering that Nabisco is also on our list at #20, and is equally woke as General Mills, our alternatives for readily available prepared foods are limited. But there are smaller, regional and local brands that are often available. Those products may be slightly more expensive, but chances are they’re healthier for you and are produced by an organization that’s far more respectful of your principles.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash