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I’m Not A Doctor… And Proud Of It

If I could afford a lawyer he would advise me to insert a disclaimer in this article (as others have done): “I’m not a doctor and I’m not offering you medical advice. Investigate every point I make here and make your own decisions.“

So where is the part about talking this over with your doctor? There are maybe a million doctors in America. One doctor I really trust thinks you might get a straight answer from about 500 of them. The rest are buying the party line or are afraid to lose access to their profession. You might get better information from the nurses. Or you could try Tarot cards. Anyway, given the current state of things, I’m proud not to be a doctor.

It looks like the American medical establishment picked the wrong horse. Most of the people reading this will have seen the CDC message telling them, “You are not a horse.” CDC goes on to say “You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it.”  The “y’all” bit is over the top. Some underpaid intern probably came up with that.

That message is part of the propaganda war on the use of ivermectin to treat Covid. The efforts of the CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, and who knows what other alphabet soup agencies are an expression of their intention to deny any alternative to the three experimental vaccinations.

Anytime you encounter the words “There is no evidence” you can be fairly sure you are reading or listening to a Democrat, progressive, socialist, or communist trying to cancel something out of existence. For all I know, the far left may have a copyright on the phrase.

If a doctor in Australia is caught prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid, he will be sent to jail. We are not quite that strict in America. Here the doctor is threatened with loss of his medical license and the pharmacist who dares to fulfill his prescription will be threatened with the loss of his license as well. Any hospital that admits Medicare or Medicaid patients (and therefore receives substantial federal reimbursements) will be threatened with the loss of these funds by the federal government and so will be pressured to deny privileges to any doctor who prescribes these medications. That would seem like enough, but the alphabet soup people have not stopped there. They want to make sure you can’t obtain this life-saving drug on your own.

You might think the alphabet soup people are afraid that ivermectin won’t work. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite. They’re afraid it will work and if it does and that fact becomes well-known, it might threaten their investment (whether financial or psychological) in the vaccines.

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In America, ivermectin is a prescription-only drug whose status is controlled by the FDA. The drug is critical in Covid early treatment protocols. In the alphabet soup teams’ world view, however, any alternative form of treatment is a threat to the vaccines and must be suppressed. Thus there has been no early treatment option for most people in America. If they are diagnosed with Covid they are told to go home and come back when they are near death. (They don’t use those exact words.)

Getting back to the “there is no evidence” phrase, that is where the alphabet soup guys picked the wrong horse.

At this point the reader will be wondering why I am so obsessed with horses. I didn’t start this. The CDC did. They are trying to smear ivermectin by pointing out that it is used to deworm horses. Which is true. It is also true that the reader is not a horse. Sadly, if the reader were a horse he could get ivermectin and thus have early treatment that might very well save his/her life. I have no issues with the rider who treats his horse better than he treats himself, but this is taking things too far.

As for “there is no evidence,” the alphabet soup guys have not found any evidence because they didn’t look for any evidence. That would work every time, except that they must silence the whole world. They did try, but they failed. As near as I can tell, more than 20 countries currently allow the use of ivermectin in treating Covid, and they have met with considerable success in doing so.

India, for example, has had success with ivermectin as a treatment. The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (that has a population near that of the USA) has had stunning results. The alphabet soup guys must pretend that they don’t know about this. Thus, they feel the need to distract you by telling you that you are not a horse.

Like I said, they picked the wrong horse. Coming down the straightaway, the horse “Only Vaccine” is stumbling. The vaccines were supposed to be both safe and effective. They failed, three out of two.

1. They are not vaccines.
2. They are not safe. They are killing people. Lots of people.
3. They are not effective. They don’t stop you from contracting the disease and they don’t prevent you from passing the disease on to others.

All they have left to offer is milder symptoms if you catch the disease but that’s impossible to prove. That is three strikes from two pitches.

Our medical establishment is trying to distract you from these three truths by telling you that you are not a horse. As for the rest of the stuff they are pushing, we all would do well to distrust any government or non-government organization that is suppressing early treatment and cheap and effective repurposed drugs like ivermectin. These folks have a different agenda, and public health may not even be a line item on it.

Hang in there, it gets worse. We have no idea what will happen to the people who have been vaccinated. Only time will tell. These are experimental drugs. A lot has gone wrong already, and we have yet to see the long-term effects.

If the alphabet soup guys had picked the other horse — say “No vaccines at all, just ivermectin” — the adverse reactions would not be going through the roof. Ivermectin has been used for years to treat humans and other animals. It is legal in some countries, and we know from years of use that the safety record is outstanding.

What about prevention? Ivermectin is good there too. Taken with vitamins and some other over the counter stuff, it seems to fend off infection. As far as an effective treatment for Covid goes, the doctors who have experience with ivermectin are claiming that well over half the deaths we have had to date could have been avoided. That would be a number similar to the combat deaths in the American Civil War. The only drawback I can see is that ivermectin is cheap. To quote a public speaker whose name I didn’t catch, “Covid is not a pandemic, it’s a business plan.”

There is not much money to be made from ivermectin. It is no longer under patent. If you want to make real money, you need to come up with a new drug that is still under patent. Since ivermectin is the better horse, you have got to keep him out of the race entirely. There is no other way to get one of the other three nags to win.

P.S.: Some humans have resorted to using the horse worming form of this medication on themselves. This is a reflection of how desperate they are to get this life-saving drug. I have heard that it tastes bad. Some people mix it with peanut butter. Be careful, get the dose right.

As I already noted, I’m proud not to be a doctor.

By Jerry Powlas

Jerry Powlas has been a Naval Officer, Engineer, and Publisher and is the author of Red State Rebellion (published under the pen name Joseph L. Bear).  “Everybody should read this book and tell their friends.” He has recently moved from a blue state to a red state where nobody wears masks and everybody has guns.  

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska at Pexels