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Six Organizations Continuing With COVID Vaccine Mandates Despite SCOTUS Ruling

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative name six companies that continue to mandate COVID vaccines for employees despite the Supreme Court ruling on January 13th which put a commonsensical ending to the Biden Administration’s ridiculous policy.

#6: United Airlines

Parker: You and I each write about a major airline that is mandating the jab for its employees. Indeed, many adopted some of the earliest requirements of any large industry. Despite the Supreme Court ruling, United Airlines insists on maintaining its vaccine mandate policy because, as its CEO said last week, it saves lives. Citing evidence that the company lost one person per week to Covid before implementing the freedom-crushing move. Apparently not a single one has died since then. I guess we just have to take his word on it.

It is certainly curious how these conversations are limited in scope. Did he say what types of employees were dying? Did he think Omicron still posed a threat? Did he ever feel the need to outlaw diabetes or obesity from his workforce? Does he intend to mandate indefinite boosters? Does he know how many staff have been grounded permanently due to vaccine side effects? As always, the Covidian religion only focuses on the single issue of vaccination or not.

In what has the appearance of industry collusion, it is interesting how every major airline moved to compel vaccination. What if a freedom-loving and scientifically-literate carrier had not? Would employees from competing airlines have flocked there? Would passengers likewise support the personal liberty valued by an employer? I like to think so. This also brings up a disappointing aspect of the entire vaccine mandate theater. Airline pilots are one of the most consequential and powerful employee blocs in the world. They require years of training, biannual medical and professional check ups, and aren’t easily replaced by scabs. It is too bad they did not rally around truth and freedom to ground entire fleets until they were allowed to make private medical decisions for themselves. Were they scared to speak up? Were they supportive of the Covid narrative? It is too late now, but as intermittent groundings showed us over the past holiday season, it doesn’t take much to bring air travel to a halt. This would have been a great thing.

#5: Carhartt

PF: It’s not a coincidence that several of the companies we’re discussing today have also been listed in our ongoing series of Woke Companies To Avoid. Carhartt is one such company, having appeared at #43 on the list we published this past Friday. Organizations that embrace LGBTQ insanity and the anti-American ideology of Black Lives Matter also tend to have little regard for individual freedoms.

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Carhartt’s decisions to both go full-woke and to demand all employees be vaccinated is a head-scratcher for me. I don’t get it. They produce heavy-duty, working apparel, the kind one might find on a construction site or an oil rig. Yet they also produce an LGBTQ-specific line of clothing called Carhartt Queer, they are all-in on their support of BLM, and now they take this tact by not backing off of their vax mandates. It seems insane to me to take an approach so obviously contradictory to traditional, blue-collar values, but that’s exactly what they’re doing.

What Carhartt’s refusal to back off their vax mandate tells me is that they’re fully committed to their leftist ideals. They’re on the left, they’re unapologetic, and if you don’t like it then don’t buy their clothes and find someplace else to work. If Biden and the Democrats are in favor of it, then so is Carhartt, no matter how idiotic it might be. And demanding that employees be vaxxed in the middle of a major labor shortage when there is no question that the vaxxed can just as easily transmit COVID as the non-vaxxed is certainly that: idiotic.

#4: CitiGroup

Parker: In another sector we both highlight, financial megalith CitiGroup had already imposed and obtained mandatory vaccination to the alleged tune of 99%. I could be way off on the numbers, but according to Wikipedia the New York-based corporation has over 200,000 employees. That’s a lot of juice!

There is something truly frightening about how all of these mandates are communicated and perceived. Listen to Sara Wechter, the head of Citi’s HR department:

Going into the last day [of the mandate deadline], we expect the number of employees who have not complied will decrease even further. Our goal has always been to keep everyone at Citi, and we sincerely hope all of our colleagues take action to comply.”

Did you catch that? They wanted to keep everyone at Citi – that’s great news! And how do they achieve that? By hoping their employees submit to a decision they neither want nor need to make. We hope you love working here: Now comply, damnit.

As every company states, these measures are demanded of the subordinate class in order to ensure workplace safety. How that safety is achieved is never addressed, considering the vaccines neither prevent infection nor transmission, nor is an explanation given as to why heretofore medical decisions were not raised by HR. It’s physically unhealthy to be fat, and yet we are accused of fat shaming for bringing it up. It’s mentally unhealthy to struggle with gender identity, and yet we would be thrown in the Gulags for daring to question the dominant social narrative around transgenderism. The idea of “safety” is a pure lie. There is certainly nothing safe about demanding an employee lose their job over the jab and risk being able to provide for themselves or their family. This is all grotesque and evil.

#3: American Airlines

PF: American Airlines is another one that we honored as a Woke Company To Avoid, coming in at #19 last month. American wasn’t alone in their original approach to vax mandates, as several other companies used the same strategy and chose to hide behind the Federal Government’s original edict as justification. Airlines including Southwest and United required their employees to be vaxxed, at least initially, and shrugged their shoulders at any pushback saying essentially, “Uncle Joe told us to.” But American has taken their mandate madness to a new level.

After the SCOTUS ruling, a spokesperson for American stated it, “doesn’t change anything for American because we are subject to the federal contractor mandate, not the OSHA rule, which is what the Supreme Court blocked.” It turns out however, that American’s deflection is BS. According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday, “the courts had stayed, or frozen, the mandates for federal contractors.” Most of the other airlines have remained silent on the issue, but American couldn’t help themselves, and now they’re exposed.

American Airlines is a private company, and they can issue a multitude of employment requirements. Their relationships with their employees are, by definition, consensual. American consents to pay employees “X” salaries/wages, and employees consent to perform “Y” job responsibilities for those wages. But American should at least have the balls to stand behind their decisions instead of blaming the government. And if they’re willing to be so dishonest about a matter such as vax mandates, we have to wonder: What else are they being dishonest about?

#2: The NBA

Parker: You know the vaccine mandates aren’t about health or safety when exemptions can be made for the elite. In the case of the NBA, this bifurcation could not be more clearly delineated. Somehow, despite being naked and sweaty for hours every day, traveling in airports, on planes, in hotels, at strip clubs, and doing goodness knows what else, the players themselves are and have been exempted from an actual vaccine mandate since last summer, when the league announced anyone else who would be in contact with players must have one. Or else.

Does this make sense? The league was mandating vaccines for anyone that comes in contact with players in order to protect the players, but then not mandating those same vaccines for the players themselves? Did I miss something? Wouldn’t it make more sense to go right to the source…ah whatever, it doesn’t make sense to make sense of Covid at this point. It just gives people a headache.

The Kyrie Irving situation took a lot of wind out of the conversation, but that was only ever about his playing in freedom-deprived New York City. His employer, the NBA, never demanded that players submit to the jab. More recently, and despite everything we know about the ineffectiveness of a vaccine a this point in terms of both infection and transmission (you know, the two big things a vaccine should address), the league has rolled out new testing requirements. Even though everyone can transmit the disease, only the unvaccinated or unboosted have to play kabuki theater with nasal f******. Why do the vaccinated not have to, when we know they are just as likely to transmit and are likely more susceptible to Omicron, than their untainted peers? All good questions. Unfortunately, there is a short supply of good answers these days. 

I would boycott the NBA over this if I hadn’t already left them years ago for sloppy gameplay and wokester BLM garbage. Seriously, how does anyone stand this anymore? Another good question which is missing a convincing answer, am I right?

#1: Wells Fargo

PF: Wells Fargo may not have made our Woke Companies To Avoid list yet, but (spoiler alert) they may very well find themselves with that distinction in the near future. WF is a large company, with almost 250,000 employees and over $164 billion in market cap, so we can assume this decision wasn’t taken lightly. But WF was one of the first companies to issue their original vax mandate and they haven’t backed down, even after the SCOTUS decision.

Immediately following the SCOTUS announcement, Wells Fargo explained they, “Will continue our testing program. We believe it is the right thing to do for the safety of all employees and our customers.” Note how they merely called it a “testing program.” The program to which they alluded closely mirrors the original OSHA mandate, strongly recommending employees get vaxxed and requiring regular testing for those who don’t.

It strikes me that companies like Wells Fargo that depend so heavily on customer satisfaction to maintain their revenue base would prioritize employee retention. Good employees are necessary for strong customer service. And with an unprecedented sellers’ market when it comes to labor, it would clearly behoove WF to show some flexibility with those employees. It’ll be interesting to see if such indifference to employees’ self-determination regarding health decisions comes back to bite these companies. If I was a betting man, I’d wager that is exactly what happens.

16 thoughts on “Six Organizations Continuing With COVID Vaccine Mandates Despite SCOTUS Ruling”

  1. Newell Brands is also mandating vaccines for employees of the CEOs choosing. Upper management has deemed an office of 200 professional and except while labeling smaller offices clerical and forcing the vaccine or terminating. These “clerical and professional” employees have all worked from home since 2020, CEO is enforcing a required hybrid RTO starting mid feb -March at which time all clerical must be vaccinated. No other options are being given. At this time unvaxxed employees are not allowed on company property per an internal email. I see no coverage of Newell forcing a pick and choose mandate. It is not right nor fair to force anyone or fire them, but picking and choosing and labeling certain employees and marking certain employees to be vaccinated is unethical.

    1. Some of the J&J employees may have tried the MRNA vaccines, which far larger breakthroughs than J&J inoculations. Why don’t J&J advocates publicize the record of its vaccines. The protection far outweighs the few side effects in South Africa, India and some European countries.

  2. Add Huntington Ingalls Industries to this list.
    They exempted their shipbuilders but no one else. Now despite the supreme court ruling, senior leadership insists that it makes no difference — they are still requiring employees to be vaccinated. Anyone else considering a class-action lawsuit against their employer? This was never a term of employment but it appears to be one now.

    1. Seems to me any employee of these companies that iare fired for not taking the jab would have a great lawsuit for a wrongful termination case, especially seeing that the mandate was struck down by the Supreme court.
      A mandate not backed by law has no legal standing

  3. Add Newell brands to the list. Newell Brands (NASDAQ: NWL) is a leading global consumer goods company with a strong portfolio of well-known brands, including Rubbermaid®, Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, Dymo®, EXPO®, Parker®, Elmer’s®, Coleman®, Marmot®, Oster®, Sunbeam®, FoodSaver®, Mr. Coffee®, Rubbermaid Commercial Products®, Graco®, Baby Jogger®, NUK®, Calphalon®, Contigo®, First Alert®, Mapa®, Spontex® and Yankee Candle®. Newell Brands’ beloved, planet friendly brands enhance and brighten consumers lives at home and outside by creating moments of joy, building confidence and providing peace of mind.

  4. I work at Wells Fargo, and while it is a liberal loony bin in a lot of ways, they haven’t done anything extreme as far as vaccinations or testing, as far as I’m concerned. I have been able to work from home for almost 2 years now, with no specific date to go back to the office yet. If they try to mandate booster shots when we finally do go back, I’ll either ask to continue working from home, or I’ll quit if necessary. But at least to this point, I really can’t complain about how Wells Fargo has handled things.

  5. If you are offened or angry at these corporations, just stop doing business with them. Cancel your credit card, fly on a competitor’s airline, turn off all professional sports, and find a better bank than Wells Fargo to give your financial business. If you are too lazy to do this, then you are truly an enabler.

  6. Working in corporate Amerika for the better half of my adult life…

    Any issue-any policy-any problem-any condition-any tool they (those in charge) can use to control and rule over the employee or citizen; they will gladly use!


    And it is getting much worse-in a world where the woke-immoral-asinine-doofus
    nonsense says-wrong is right and/or up is down.
    A Godlessness and proud narcissistic me-me-me that wont the accept natural order of things…fortunately the animals
    cant poke their finger at our Creator God.

    Proverbs 9:10 – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

  7. BOYCOTT these woke/leftist organizations whenever possible…..hit them where it hurts the most…their profits…this is the only way to force them to change their ways……….
    We need lists posted of all said woke / leftist organizations to be posted online as frequently as possible………
    and FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Even if every single person were “vaccinated” it wouldn’t stop this man-made virus. The “vaccine” does not stop the spread and does not provide immunity. So exactly WHY are they demanding every single person get “vaccinated” in order to work, travel, shop etc. People are dying from the “vaccines” toxic ingredients when they had a 99% chance of surviving the virus naturally without the shot. But these facts are ignored and they still keep pushing the shot. This is INSANITY and it must be stopped.

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