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[WATCH] Brandon Calls Fox Reporter “A Stupid Son Of A B****”

To no one’s surprise, our increasingly unstable and unfit president muttered curse words at a journalist for simply asking a question 99% of the country is concerned about. Perhaps the only shock is that it took over a year in office before he said it for the world to hear.

On Monday, Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy, the only competent and honest journalist in the entire press corps brigade, tried to get a final question out of Brandon about inflation. Inflation is a very real problem, especially for low-income families who watch any disposable finances evaporate when food and energy costs go up. Brandon might not care about rising costs; he’s a wealthy elite. But for the average American family, higher grocery store tabs and more expensive heating costs are the difference between making ends meet every other week on payday.

Rather than answer the question, Brandon shrugged it off as a silly question. Inflation? Pish posh. Not worth his time. After ignoring Doocy, his demented internal filter failed and we all heard the sitting United States President stammer “what a stupid son of a bitch.”

Just wow.

Two things should immediately pop into a person’s head. First, imagine if Donald Trump had said this in the exact same setting. It is not hyperbole to note that he would have been impeached again for an attempt on the press’s freedoms. This episode should – should, but won’t – serve as the ultimate reminder that we live in two different worlds. There will be no collective outrage over this insane outburst because corporate journalism exists only to protect the interests of Democrats. There is no such thing as a free and honest legacy media. There is no such thing as free thought, because people will not be upset over this as a result of the press’s silence.

Second, Brandon is an abomination and stain on the legacy of both the Presidency and the American public. The fact that he campaigned on, and people believed in his, returning maturity, decorum, and unity to the White House denotes the nadir of honesty and intellectualism in American politics. It’s always been less than impressive, but this entire administration, launched on the lie of Charlottesville and exposed by the fraud of Covid, has been marked by only blanket pandering. Voters were taught to hate Trump, they were told that selecting Kamala Harris was historic (and a good idea), and truly believed that America would be healed by the elder statement. What an embarrassment for all of us.

Watch Brandon curse out Peter Doocy here:

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