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[VIDEO] Ron DeSantis Destroys Tony Fauci In New Ad

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps delivering wins for the American people. I’ve written about it before and elsewhere, and I’ll just say it again here: DeSantis needs to be the Republican’s 2024 presidential nominee.

His team’s latest video is a compilation of the disgraced, discredited, and yet somehow, still-employed Tony Fauci making every possible policy claim to respond to Covid, all of them depending on the political mood of the country. Don’t panic. Panic. Don’t mask up. Mask up. Stop wearing masks. Wear two masks! Close schools. Open schools. Trump bad. Biden good. 

The only thing missing was Fauci telling us vaccines are safe, effective, prevent infection, and stop the transmission of Covid. The Blue State Conservative previously published this article going through the various quotes experts provided regarding vaccine efficacy vis-a-vis infection and transmission. (Even though the EUA for Pfizer at the time even acknowledged that the vaccines hadn’t demonstrated to perform either of those critical functions). Fauci’s exact words were that “the virus stops with every vaccinated person” – even though he knew it didn’t from Pfizer’s clinical trial data and real-world data, particularly from Israel. 

The DeSantis video comes on the heels of the FDA revoking the Emergency Use Authorization for two monoclonal antibody treatments, which Florida has aggressively used alongside every other available treatment.  The ostensible reason behind the FDA’s move was that monoclonals are ineffective against the Omicron variant. Of course, with that line of thinking, then it should also pull any emergency use for the vaccines since they are pretty much worthless against it too. Once more, we see that politics are a lot more important than reasonable medical decisions.

After completing the montage of various Fauci lies, the video ends with the tranquil, rhythmic lapping of waves and serene imagery of a Florida beach. Fauci might have failed, but Florida remained free. It concludes with the simple message: Fauci can pound sand.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Watch the video here:

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7 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Ron DeSantis Destroys Tony Fauci In New Ad”

  1. Agree 100%. My “prescription” for Fauci and the other “public health” tyrants is to put them on a decommissioned cruise ship, then scuttle it in the middle of the North Atlantic. (No need to wait for an iceberg.)

    Slight correction to the 1st paragraph: DeSantis needs to be the 1st president of the new Dixie Republic, following the inevitable collapse of the DC autocracy and breakup of the US. Blue state conservatives should be making their escape plans *now*.

  2. This is what happens when a people line up like obedient children and take marching orders from the m.s.m., and a illegitimate government. A great big panic over what ????? All we have seen around the globe is a full scale take over of human rights. There are Parliaments burning and people marching across a frozen tundra to take out their oppressors, this is big stuff. I’m sorry to say if you consented to allow your child to be filled with an unknown substance for the sake of the “greater good” your the same idiot that would sacrifice your child to a volcano if the big bad government says so. Your opinion is of little value. They invented a “Karen” to scream at people going about their own business. Doctors humiliating people because they refuse to comply. All I’ve gotten out of this is that there are a whole lot of ignorant cowards that are too stupid to stand up for what is human indecency around the globe. Now we all know who the “They Are”. No reprorations for the ignorant.

  3. This is why I freaking LOVE living in the free state of Florida! Our kick butt governor and the freedom we enjoy. Fauci can not only pound sand he should be in the deepest darkest prison and tried for mass murder of thousands of WuFlu victims!!! Frack Fauci forever!

  4. There are MANY people who should be in prison. Prison. Fauci and Biden are committing crimes against humanity. Lock them up. Spread the word.

  5. Fauci, e.g. Dr. J. Mengele, should have been fired and then brought up in court for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. But first all money and assets should be confiscated and given to people who have been damaged by this poison and to the families that have lost loved ones because of it.

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