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[WATCH] Brandon Demeans Black Women Everywhere With His Supreme Court Pledge

In a single sentence, Joe Biden forever tainted the presence of whomever is seated on the Supreme Court. In a televised statement, Biden declared: “I’ve made no decision except one…and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court.” I have embedded a clip below.

In something of an irony, the same body that gave de jure racial preferences a home in the United States vis-a-vis affirmative action policies is now going to be home to the second-most high-profile affirmative action hire since Kamala Harris. Do we need to ask how that is working out? (Cynics would say quite well actually, since it’s not hard to see that her utter incompetence plays well for both Biden and the eventual female – Hillary? – replacement in 2024 or sooner.)

Much has been written about the stupidity, hollowness, and insincerity of this faux concern for the seating of a person with preferred skin color and genitals. There is not a lot to add to this, although Tucker Carlson deserves an Emmy for his observation that George Floyd’s sister is the most obvious candidate for the vacancy. After all, the law doesn’t matter anymore. Only the forceful application of leftist doctrine. The support for the Covid mandates by the Court’s three leftist hacks makes that perfectly clear.

The only thing we are left to wonder is how long black America will stand for this obvious patronization and demeaning approach. Is it not obvious that blacks are nothing more than political cudgels used to beat decent Americans with traditional liberal, libertarian, conservative, and moral beliefs into submission? Ask any of us how much we care about someone’s race, and except for an absolute fringe minority, the answer would overwhelmingly be not at all. By definition we care about goodness, kindness, opportunity, values, and morals. Race doesn’t factor into any of this at all.

The nomination of one of the few black females actually qualified and legally literate (although, again, this doesn’t matter to them) essentially demands that we hold them up to an impossible standard. Their placement and subsequent judgments will forever be tainted by remarks along the lines of them not deserving to be there and not knowing what they’re talking about. To whatever degree that might be true or not, is this fair to the person? I predict no shortage of desiring people who care not a whit about what others say – a hallmark of leftism is possessing no self-awareness – but is this good for that person regardless of whether they notice or not? Is it good for society?

This charade of pandering to blacks in election years and now during nomination to powerful positions might benefit a select few people, but it hardly benefits blacks. Their urban ghettos will continue to be blighted by crime and violence stemming from fatherlessness and amorality, but at least the DNC can show images of pretending to care about their cause by featuring a single black female on the Supreme Court.

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