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Why is Canada’s Triple Vaccinated, Negative-Tested Justin Trudeau In Self-Quarantine?

According to Justin Trudeau, he has been exposed to COVID 9. The triple-vaccinated Prime Minister Vaccine administrator tested negative, but he’s gone into hiding nonetheless. Protocol, you see.

Five days.

No Trudeau for at least five days while he hides in his home. But is the otherwise healthy, young, triple-vaccinated negative-tested Trudeau hiding because of COVID or because of this?


Many Canadian truck drivers are participating due to a January 15 deadline that forces unvaccinated drivers to observe a two-week quarantine and COVID-19 test before crossing into Canada from the U.S.

The U.S. also implemented new restrictions starting January 22 that will require non-U.S. individuals entering the nation at the Canadian border to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

They also mentioned something about supply chain issues in the US. Not Canada, the US.

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Drivers are forming up and headed to the Nations Capitol to express their dissatisfaction with the mandate and the loss of work. A small army of unvaccinated truckers milling about honking horns, shouting. What is soy-boy, boy-band Justin to do?


He was exposed, don’t you know. EXPOSED!

And if Truckers are going to jam the streets and shut down the city, he might as well stay inside where it’s warm and cozy.

Five days may not be long enough. He’ll have to expose himself again.

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, taxpayer advocate, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Editor at Large and a co-owner of; a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

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Featured photo by Alex Guibord, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons