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[WATCH] Elitist Jen Psaki Mocks Conservatives For Wanting Criminals Locked Up

In the hypothetical asking of which Biden administration clown I hated more, Kamala Harris or Jen Psaki, I would honestly have to flip a coin. They are both so undeservedly self-assured and confident in their wrongness that it boggles the mind how such evil stupidity can be tolerated by the human species. I have the video posted below.

Another way of answering the same question could be: It depends on the day. So today I despise Jen Psaki more as a result of her contemptuous mockery of everyday Americans and their basic concern for familial wellbeing.

As if signaling to the world she has absolutely neither the interest nor the desire to self-reflect on previous out-of-touch statements (if inflation and vaccine mandates have ruined your life, just have a margarita!), she disparagingly narrates how she has four television screens running in her office and that Fox News has a broadcast about the dangers of soft-on-crime policies that are predictably and obviously destroying the quality of life in leftist-dominated urban communities.

I can’t believe Fox News would do that! Don’t they know they can only report on what Psaki approves of? (Which, by the way, is currently full-throttled support for a land war against Russia.)

From a policy standpoint, it’s hard to see why wanting tough measures against criminals is so difficult to comprehend. Anyone with a two-year-old knows that what you permit you promote. Nothing in a child’s development happens by accident. Want to teach gratitude? Say a prayer before dinner. Want to teach kindness? Model it to them and expect it of them. Want them to pay for merchandise in a store rather than take it? Effing pay for it and yank it out of their hands when they try otherwise.

Seriously, do we have to spell this out for adults?

Human nature need not be complicated. If we allow criminals to criminizale, it shouldn’t be difficult to grasp that rewarded behavior will be repeated behavior. Therefore, when DAs like Kim Foxx allow mutual combatancy to steal the life of another person or George Gascon allow mentally ill child abusers to wake up in their own bed each day, we will get more murder and rape. People don’t just change for the better. 

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Despite such obvious realities, Jen Psaki pretends/believes that soft-on-crime is a blessing for both the character development of bad guys as well as the communities in which such harms are inflicted. Making a mockery of concern for one’s safety is at best the height of stupidity and quickly devolves into a form of evil not easily understood by folks like me. Why does she wish to see others suffer? I keep thinking it’s getting damn-near impossible to come across anymore spiteful and hate filled, but Psaki keeps proving me wrong!