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CNN Flashback: Watch These Idiots Fact-Check Legitimate Questions

With each passing day, I am more and more glad of my decision to not get the Covid-19 mRNA therapeutic. I don’t blame many people who did – if my circumstances were different as it related to either my age or preexisting health conditions – it might have made sense.

For me, though, it never added up. I am not in an at-risk profile based on age and health. My pattern of eating mostly whole, healthy foods and focus on regular exercise, as well as awareness of cheaper, safer, and at least as effective alternative treatments, basically made the decision a no-brainer. Initially, I had no desire based purely on these facts; I never get the flu shot because I am statistically not at risk of serious complications from seasonal flu, so my original line of thinking was not at all political. I just didn’t want or need it.

However, as the pandemic response increasingly made zero rational sense, with totalitarian censorship of pharmacological products like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and simultaneously unscientifically sound and unethical push for mass vaccination, I arrived at more resolute conclusions that I never wanted a needle coming within fifteen feet of my arm. I initially didn’t want it. Now I simply don’t trust it.

Despite my non-controversial stance, still not everyone shared even my open-mindedness for allowing for personal decisions. You might want it, so great. I do not, so equally great. My opening sentiment would have been – and still is – construed by idiots par excellence over at CNN as blasphemous misinformation against the Covidian religion, whose High Priest is Tony Fauci and whose talisman is a syringe. How dare anyone question taking the vaccine! As of this writing, the FDA is even considering granting emergency use of the injection for six-month-old babies and above. Truly disgusting.

YouTube might be a terrible organization, but it does offer a wonderful time machine of sorts to revisit blatant propaganda that has aged atrociously. One such CNN clip, for whatever reason, appeared in my feed. I couldn’t help myself – and now I am subjecting everyone else to the overt attempt to brainwash viewers.

The gist of the video, dated May of 2021, features unadulterated cringe material. In response to Senate Covid hero Ron Johnson (R-WI) asking two legitimate and necessary questions about what the early VAERS data of 4,100 deaths means and why the government is so laser-focused on getting every human being injected with a largely unnecessary concoction. 

In textbook evasion, one worthless host responded that the matter of VAERS reporting is “truly, madly, deeply false.” She actually said that. 

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The other equally-worthless host responded to the second question of why we all needed it by saying the assertion was “completely, utterly, fantastically wrong.” He actually said that.

It is beyond propaganda that a supposed news outlet wouldn’t bother to respond to the questions at face value. Is it hard to accept that 4,100 reported deaths, in a system historically acknowledged for significant underreporting, gives pause to people who would otherwise be amenable to vaccination? Is it hard to accept that wondering why a virus with a survival rate of over 99.98% for people under 40 and hovering near 100% for healthy young people requires the most rushed and extensive vaccination program in our lifetimes?

The entire video is worth watching, if for no other reason than mere educational purposes. It is doubtful most readers of The Blue State Conservative watch CNN for longer than short clip, but when we have friends and family members whose brains no longer function, we have to remember that they have been listening to this drivel for two years.

You know what is completely, utterly, fantastically wrong? Whatever CNN says.