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Where Was NYPD’s Impressive Solidarity For Civil Rights?

The recent murder of 22-year-old Jason Rivera in New York City highlights a continuing trend begun by former president Barack Obama of burying murdered police officers. Buying into the BLM/1619 narrative demands allegiance to one of the fundamental tenets that police are a root cause of black despair. If police are both historical and contemporary evil, it is not only justified but imperative for believers to act.

In the case of Black Lives Matter, acting translates into capricious murder. Does it matter that black deaths are most often precipitated by earlier black choices? Does it matter that black cops are killed in the process of violent revolt? Of course not. Neither truth nor consequences are relevant; only the power derived from the narrative. As a bit of an aside, Heather MacDonald made this striking observation last month:

“Historically, black males have made up over 40 percent of cop-killers nationwide, though black males are 6 percent of the population. Conservatively estimating that 40 percent of the cop-killers this year have been black, 26 officers have been killed by a black suspect in 2021, for a rate of nearly four cops per 100,000 officers killed by black civilians. A police officer is about 400 times as likely to be killed by a black suspect as an unarmed black is to be killed by a police ­officer.”

Blacks are always seen as a victim when killed by cops, but what about the reverse when black cops are the ones being killed? A young Baltimore mother who provided for her family as a police officer was gunned down last December. And now, one of New York’s finest, a young black man, was killed as a result of incessant political rhetoric and the resultant dehumanizing mental illness in individuals that inevitably arises.

I opened with these references because I need to establish that police lives matter. Jason Rivera’s life mattered. The world would be a better place with more Jasons.

Yes, the police matter. The thin blue line can be understood as a metaphor for law and order against lawlessness and chaos. Evolved societies demand of their citizens certain responsibilities. It should go without saying that I cannot live my best life if in constant fear of wanton and random violence against me. Most days, the police perform a thankless but critical role in maintaining both a cerebral, necessary fear of authority as well as the physical enforcement of outward violations.

However, and this is the crux of a major issue, like society as a whole, the police have a decision to make. What laws will they obey? What orders will they choose to follow? Will they enforce tyranny or will they stand up for freedom? (And no, having police does not negate the notion of freedom; we are more free when bound by certain structures.) 

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The latest example of police solidarity appeared in moving images of thousands of NYPD officers standing shoulder to shoulder during a ceremony for their murdered colleague. The fraternity was on full display. At the risk of taking away from this quite somber gathering, I have to ask a really important question: Why can the police not stand in unison against illegal, unethical, and immoral diktats from intellectual midgets acting out of the most banal, unenlightened, and tyrannical impulsives of the human condition? Why will the police not act as one and put an end to the enforcement of vaccine passports? The very police unions in big city hellholes reject mandates for themselves, but can then be seen requesting passports from relenting subjects.

In this regard, the police have utterly failed us.

In the summer of 2020, conservatives with a small-government, constitutional, and libertarian bent like myself watched in unadulterated frustration as the BLM riots tore through cities lighting fires and looting stores with impunity. These were images that, without exaggeration, signal the very end of advanced society. It is a reduction to the most basic of human existence.We might value limited government, but we want and need police to perform certain functions that prevent or put an end to ruinous anarchy.

It is perhaps all the more maddening then to watch the police sit out from performing one of their few justified jobs – stopping violence and theft – while now enforcing some of the most egregious civil rights violations without seeming pause. To be sure, not all police in every precinct across the entire country behave this way, but where big city mandates exist, so too do a compliant police force. Has there been an exception? These police and their behaviors reflect a stain on the entire profession, for it shows that all of us are but a command away from complete subjugation.

I will close by asking the same question again: Where was the unified show of force by the NYPD when Comrade De Blasio – that morally flaccid, bumbling Covid comorbidity of a human being – decided to act against scientific understanding and moral duties of self-governing leadership by issuing Covid passports? Instead of standing tall for freedom, the police collected a paycheck and escorted kids out of restaurants because they couldn’t produce their papers. Shame on the police. It is disgusting. 

Covid tyranny only ends when enough of our citizenry, like the Canadian truckers to our north, defy all illogical and unethical mandates. At the same time, however, every passport system and power grab by would-be tyrants would end if law enforcement so decided. Our police have a decision to make: Reject freedom or embrace freedom. 

The next time they gather in such large numbers, it must be to stop tyranny. Otherwise, we won’t be waving Blue Lives Matter flags very much longer. It is either us or them.