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Is Trump The One For 2024?

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of polls. For one, I’ve never been polled by anyone. For another, the number of people being polled often strikes me as too small a sample from which to draw broad conclusions. Also, those samples more often than not tend to oversample one group, Democrats, let’s say, over another group, which again leads to questions of accuracy.

Bottom line, I don’t trust ‘em and tend to ignore them in preference to the only poll that actually counts, the election itself.

I’ve often asked myself, what would I do if I were to be contacted to participate in a poll. Not sure how I’d answer. My curmudgeonly self would probably tell them to go pound sand. My impish self would probably participate, but answer exactly opposite of how I really think in order to help bring inaccuracy and disrepute to the poll itself when later compared to real results.

But I will still read them. Sometimes they will include information that is worth contemplating, at least as abstract possibilities.

Recently, Dan Balz wrote an article for the Washington Post which reported on a number of polls. They seem to indicate changes are occurring that may affect future elections, particularly when it comes to Donald Trump.

Essentially, the article suggests support for Trump among Republicans is softening, and likely to get softer as other Republicans burnish their credentials and as Trump’s age sinks in for voters. Were he to be re-elected, Trump would be the oldest candidate ever elected President. Yes, even older than Biden in 2020, and we’ve all seen how that turned out.

Trump is still an energetic and cognitively vibrant man, which is good. But time catches up to all of us. No exceptions. It is reasonable to ask, after watching the cognitive failings of Joe Biden on pitiful display, is it worth risking another round of Presidential dotage?

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In the name of full transparency, I was not a supporter of Trump when the 2016 election cycle kicked off. I was more of a Ted Cruz man, knowing full well that the Texan lacked charisma as a leader. I liked Cruz for his intellect and his principled stance of certain positions.

Trump, for me, had a questionable – almost indecipherable – background such that it was unclear just where he stood politically. He famously contributed to, and socially interacted with, various Democrat politicians through the years. Then again, he was a real estate developer who needed political support for his projects, so why wouldn’t he support those from whom he might later need regulatory support?

Also, Trump’s moral character had been called into serious question, and that led me to question if I would want such a person as the country’s leader.

Though I did not personally support Trump, I was not a never-Trumper. I was not deranged about it. I just preferred Cruz.

When Trump was the only Republican left standing, it became clear that his opponent was going to be Hillary Clinton. In the name of God, is that really a choice? It wasn’t for me. So though I had serious misgivings about Trump, there was no way on this side of mortality that I would ever – ever – ever – ever – vote for that reptilian monstrosity known as PIAPS.

Trump did have some endearing qualities. He regularly vented about the media and its bias. He also vouchsafed the American worker, who had suffered long enough at the hands of the social and political elite who considered themselves the anointed and who disparagingly dismissed working Americans as rubes, or what H.L. Mencken called the ignorant booboisie.

So come election time, though I didn’t feel particularly good about him, I voted for Trump. To my great surprise, he won. Clearly, he tapped into the reservoir of political animosity toward the elite political and media class and it carried him to the Presidency.

The fact that so many absolutely hated Hillary no doubt also contributed to his victory.

And make no mistake, I was tickled pink that Hillary had, at long last, been sent to the trash heap of history where her Foundation donations would dry up and opportunities for even more grift were denied her. Only to see that her name is now being raised from the dead by democrats contemplating 2024. She is the living embodiment of the “living dead.”

Once Trump was in office, I was ecstatically pleased with what he did. He hacked away as best he could at the regulatory state, which has been a drag on American productivity for decades. As a free-market advocate who learned economics under the auspices of the Friedrich Hayek’s, the Milton Friedman’s and the Thomas Sowell’s of this world, such slashing of regulatory tyranny was a godsend.

His good work unleashed the economy to reach record levels of productivity and employment. But then, of course, the pandemic hit which undid all of this good work through an enforced shutting down of the economy.

He also made his mark on the international stage, with his direct talks with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, with his upholding of sanctions against Russia, with his deft handling of China’s Xi Jinping, his hectoring of NATO countries to fulfill their contractual obligations, and with his moving of the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after years and years of delay and cowardice on the part of U.S. politicians.

Not only that. Through his diplomatic work he negotiated the Scylla and Charybdis of competing Sunni and Shia forms of Islam to bring about the Abraham accords, which has tipped the balance  among moderate Sunni Arab countries toward acceptance of Israel while further isolating Shia Iran.

Who would have thought that some brash Manhattan real estate tycoon could manage such a diplomatic coup?

Need I even mention his work at the Southern border, which, since he has left office, has become a shambles veering toward complete anarchy.

And all of this while a thoroughly deranged media and Democrat political leaders – not to mention the nitwit Hollywood celebrities and TV pundits who think the typical American worker hangs on every word they say – were working day and night to destroy Trump and sever him from his political base among the American people.

Fact is, the typical American worker, long overlooked by the social and political elite, did not give one insouciant damn about what they had to say. They knew the machinations of these Trump haters was a charade and kabuki theatre. Trump had stood by them, and by God they were going to stand by Trump.

So all in all, I was very pleased by what Trump had done as President. I whole-heartedly voted for him in 2020. I believe he’s made some tactical errors in his approach to the whole January 6 affair, but overall I am very pleased with his work as President.

Victor Davis Hanson, the indefatigable historian and classicist from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, wrote a book about Trump titled The Case for Trump. In it, Hanson takes note of Trump’s many flaws of character, but ultimately comes down on the side of the worthiness of the man as a leader and statesman.

The image I take from the book is in the penultimate chapter where Hanson likens Trump to the classic tragic hero. Drawing from such figures as Greek heroes of classic literature to modern film and literature, he gives several examples of tragic heroes.

Think of Shane, where a stranger trying to escape his gunslinging past rides in and takes up residence at a small ranch as a work hand. All of the small ranchers in the town suffer under the coercion and insulting oversight of the man who runs the town and the largest ranch thereabouts.

Shane, the stranger, is forced to accept the insults and the mockery, all while trying to stay civil and be true to the values he now wants to embody. A drink is thrown in his face. He takes it. But only for so long. There is the classic barroom fight, and later a dramatic gunfight in which Shane kills those who are making life miserable for the small ranchers.

Then, he must leave. “There’s no living with a killing,” Shane tells an admiring young boy. “there’s no going back from one. Right or wrong, it’s a brand, a brand that sticks. There’s no going back.”

Shane then leaves, off into the snow-capped mountains, knowing that he has improved the situation for the small ranchers, but that they must now work to protect themselves from any other threats to their lives and livelihoods.

Well, Trump, too, is a kind of killer with his tweets and rambunctious confronting of the media with its misreporting and outright lies. And it is a brand. He will never get away from that brand. And just as the small ranchers cannot fully adopt the violently confrontational ways of Shane, so, too, do many think the corrosively confrontational ways of Trump needs to be set aside, no matter how emotionally satisfying they may have been at the time.

So, Hanson sees Trump as a tragic hero, as someone who, like Shane, “can’t break the mold.” In commenting on tragic heroes, with Trump in mind, Hanson writes:

Tragic heroes do not necessarily intend to be heroic. Sometimes their motives for confronting dangers or solving crises can just as easily be self-centered or arise from a desire for personal vengeance or fantasies of self-redemption or just an endless need for adulation. Again, they care for their reputations and their sidekicks more than they do the law. … But the various circumstances in which tragic heroes appear on the scene, inadvertently or by design, are not so important as the fact that they sometimes do.

So Trump has served us well. He came when we needed him and he helped put some cajones back into the conservative movement.

All things considered, though, I think he should walk away from the Presidential election of 2024. His age is a major factor in my thinking. Also, I tire quickly at seeing the same politicians constantly on stage. Hillary, Biden, the Bushes. I am ready for new blood.

At present, I am very impressed with Ron DeSantis in Florida. He takes no guff from the media, giving at least as good as he gets, and often giving a good deal more. He has managed the improbabilities of the COVID pandemic about as well as any governor in the country, and his actions as chief executive in Florida demonstrates a clear preference for individual liberty for citizens confronted with governmental power and arrogance.

More importantly, DeSantis is a policy guy, where Trump is more a vision guy. There is a reason why governors tend to make for good and effective Presidents. They understand the workings of government from an executive perspective, which is a valuable asset.

As for Vice President, there is a good bench in the Republican party – something that cannot be said about Democrats – from which to choose. For one, I am intrigued by the possibility of Mike Pompeo bringing his experience as CIA Director as well as his notable successes as Secretary of State, both of which would complement DeSantis’s candidacy admirably.

And what about Trump? I think he would best serve the country’s interests to stand back and vigorously support a ticket like DeSantis/Pompeo. Further, I think if DeSantis were to be truly bold, when elected he could name Trump as the Ambassador to the United Nations where his kick-ass, take-no-prisoners approach is exactly what is needed in that moldy and decrepit institution.

I know many will disagree with my views here. So be it. All I ask is that you spare me the usual epithets of RINO and Trump-hater. For one, I’m not a Republican, but an independent conservative/libertarian, so I am a Republican in no name whatsoever. As for being a Trump hater, I should think what I have written here will dispel that.

Regardless, have at me.

By Ron Nutter

Ron Nutter is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, and retired college professor of Philosophy and Religion living in a cabin on a mountain in Western North Carolina with his retired physician wife, and he still reads voraciously.

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Featured photo by Max Goldberg/Iowa State Daily from USA, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

26 thoughts on “Is Trump The One For 2024?”

  1. We want to keep him in Florida for another term. Impeach Brandon/Harris for their incompetence, vote for Trump, then DeSantis 2027. Just think of the fun you will have looking at the look on that Piglosi.

  2. Really?? Idnk that. I used to think people were ignorant for asking that, now you have me wondering about the puppeteer. I am boycotting Netflix. Let Michele hate America somewhere else.

  3. Yep, agree. And the way Biden /Harris Demwits elbowed their way to the front of the vax line, kinda hoping they drop like the flies on poop that they are. Trump supporters love him, warts n all. And they love their country, as does Trump. No-one seems to say that, but he loves his country. I don’t think we ever doubted that. I would ask of him that he remain off Twitter-Twat and Schmuckbook, that he make them as irrelevant as they are quickly becoming. I would pray Florida keeps DeSantis for another term, and that we stop the likes of career politicos like Piglosi, Beijing Joe and Schmuck Schooo muh.

  4. All fair points you make. But they are hindsight and predicated on unrealistic high standards.I repeat my challenge,Name me a president who achieved what Trump did in one term under viscious onslaught from liberal Dems and Republicans.( Maybe Lincoln comes closest). Our central gov today is largely a uniparty system eg FBI, DOJ ,CIA, DOD etc all lean left. Federal judges openly decide cases based on political preference and honest citizens are persecuted while clear wrong doing is covered up or ignored. Where is the justice or reforms for the Russiagate and the other gate scams perpetrated by the leftist wanna be dictators,?Has SCOTUS corrected FISA court system?Is our federal system that much fairer than Stalins? Killings and lootings by leftist thugs are excused while protestors against gov excesses are harassed jailed and held without due process. Leftists openly chip away at the 1st and 2nd amendments.Leftists dismiss our history as racist and pull down Statues of historical figures. Schools and universities indoctrinate and tolerate only leftist dogma. Dictators are usually well organised while honest citizens sit around judging people and events as though everybody shares the same values. Our freedom and liberty is more than half gone and many are looking for a temperate speaking presidential leader.Perhaps it’s just more comfortable to believe everything is basically intact and just needs fine tuning, A second challenge to the moderates: Name me one politician who can raise the money for a presidential campaign without compromising their ability to make independent decisions once in office. I can’t think of anybody but Trump but I could be wrong, Trump, like all of us, is far from perfect but he is tenacious battle proven. Do you think Cruz who recently called Jan 6 protestors ” Terrorists” could absorb the abuse Trump did without caving?No major republican candidate would have built the border wall or negotiated with Mexico as Trump did God save what remains of the USA.

  5. I enjoyed your article and think it comes from ‘a good place’. While the age consideration is real you do point out that “Trump is still an energetic and cognitively vibrant man…”
    The same cannot be said of the cognitive buffoon we now have as CIC. His handlers along with the complicit media hid this.
    Trump has no hiding but needs none either.
    I will happily vote for him.. again, again.

  6. These are simply a few thoughts I had a few hours ago, as I read an array of comments from hardcore supporters of President Trump, who I do see as the only current legitimate President of the United States. I’ll just post them in chronological order, and rather than try to qualify or explain any further, the reader will see they speak for themselves, whether one agrees with my perceptions and analyses or not:

    1) I see hundreds of Trump supporters on GETTR. And while he’s 1000x MORE Preferable to Ol’ Commie Joe & I voted for him in 2020, for just that reason __ Trump’s “great successes” were designed for the short term, to give him just enough popularity to win in 2020. And yet, he lost due to MASSIVE Election Fraud and CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES.

    Still, looking at long term effects from deals like the $4.8 trillion “Budget Bill” written to balance by 2035 & the sovereignty-killing USMCA negotiated by Obama holdovers, along with the FISA Reauthorization, Trump governed more like a Democrat than a Republican.

    I’ll allow that he did put America’s enemies on notice, but he also violated the Bill of Rights, he’s No Conservative & Americans must stop electing the LESSER of Two Evils!

    2)Conservative & Independent Americans’ consistent voting for the Lesser of Two Evils, RATHER THAN DEMANDING AMERICA’S BEST PEOPLE For Public Offices, IS PRECISELY WHAT HAS BROUGHT US TO THIS POINT, along with Massive Corruption in the States’ Election Process & the Electoral College.

    Until our society’s people reject the current corrupt, immoral status quo running rampant across all our institutions & FIX IT SO A SIMILAR 2020 ELECTION STEAL CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, AMERICA’S SLIDE TO HER DEMISE WILL CONTINUE AT BREAK-KNECK SPEED.


    And if we can hold an honest election again, BE DAMNED CAREFUL Who You Nominate for Office.

    3)President Trump was a Big Government, Big Spender who really didn’t properly understand the Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights, & although he did many fine things, his willingness to abrogate the 2nd Amend by suggesting foregoing “due process”, considering red flag laws and banning bumpstocks via executive orders, as well as violating the 4th Amend via HR76 and the FISA Reauthorization Act DISQUALIFIES Him for me as a 2024 contender.

    YES. He Made CORPORATE AMERICA BUCKETS of CASH, But I Could Give a DAMNED LESS. At the same time, HE WAS CARELESS AND INEPT When It Came to PROPERLY DEFENDING INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY & All Americans Inalienable God-given Rights.

    America needs a REAL LEADER who PRIORITIZES OUR RIGHTS OVER the Almighty $$$ & Corporate CEOs’ bonuses.

    4) SURE> Plan to support Trump in 2024, if You really believe a man who allowed his daughter to push a Massive Socialist Program through legislation, and his son-in-law to subvert immigration policy, is the answer for America’s problems.

    But rather than support a man who isn’t too far removed from the socialist world view, given his advocacy for the anti-American United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, shouldn’t YOU be seeking a TRUE Freedom-Loving American who puts our Inalienable God-given Rights over handing Special Interests and Corporations deemed “too Big to Fail” more federal subsidies and Your hard-earned tax dollars?

    When will America wake up and Nominate Men and Women of Integrity who will create a BETTER & LIMITED — LESS INTRUSIVE — Government?!!??

    5) Bush abandoned the Free market in 2008 and propped up the economy by greenlighting Marxist Stimulus, which Obama used to a great extent.

    Trump followed suit with more Communist economics, essentially propping up a Fascist Economy, by pumping $100 billion per day into the Repurchasing Markets from Sept 2019 ’til the economic collapse in March 2021, also pushing and signing massive spending bills.

    And now, Biden and his Criminal Commies are UNHINGED in Their Demands for Trillions UPON TRILLIONs in New Spending to Pay Out to Their Supporters.


    No Business Is “TOO BIG TO FAIL” — That’s Why We Created the BANKRUPTCY CODES.

    Kill the Fed! Kill FASCISM!

    6) I don’t care if You support Donald Trump or not for the 2024 presidential candidate. But, what is disturbing is witnessing so many Americans blindly following anyone, when one person won’t be America’s salvation.

    It’s going to take us all fighting harder than we’ve ever fought before, because as You saw, Trump faced a Deep State that included the entire Dem Party PLUS RINOs in his own party, and try as mightily as he may have, HE STILL FAILED, in some part due to his own unforced errors.

    In my estimation of things, we won’t restore America in even the most remote sense of the word, without first fighting another FULL BLOWN HOT Civil War, because the opponents we face today want nothing less than the complete destruction of Our Founding. ~ Justin O Smith

    7) America doesn’t need a failed leader like Trump, who saw the handwriting on the wall regarding Mail-In ballots and Did Not Act Proactively to Stop the Election Theft; he waited until the election was done, when he should have been activating the Justice Department to ensure everything was above board. He should have immediately sued State Registrars who were arbitrarily changing state election law by ILLEGAL diktat and edict.

    In part, Trump has himself to blame for his loss.

    We need a leader with an almost prescient state of mind, who cannot be controlled or manipulated by the Deep State actors, due to his own integrity and knowledge of his Constitutional authorities as president [something Trump seemed oblivious to at times]. A leader who promotes Good over Evil.

    8) Vote for Trump in 2024 if You wish. I’m waiting for the person who can actually assemble a Great Team able to defeat the Democratic Party Communists & ferret out & DESTROY the DEEP STATE TRAITORS.

    This won’t get done by voting for pro-Trump Candidates, a large portion of which support our current fascist debt-based economic system, the status quo. You saw Republicans fail to repeal Obamacare; you’ve seen Democrats eat Republicans’ for lunch over the past five years, even when Repubs were the majority under Trump. The usual Republican & RINO we see time and again isn’t fighting for You and me and freedom — they’re fighting for their Wallets.


    9) It’s hard to miss the fact that President Donald Trump REALLY DOES LOVE AMERICA.

    Maybe he’s learned the hard lessons of being prepared & having as much information at hand as possible to be able to neutralize & arrest traitors, where necessary. He was too trusting when he first entered office, thinking his opposition were people who also loved America, and it handicapped him in his ability to effectively carry out his presidential duties in the early months.

    If so, he might do alright if he can pull off the win in 2024.

    I’m just not crazy about seeing more domestic TRUMPISM that brings More Big Government, More Big Spending — even if it’s Repubs doing it — & more assaults on the Bill of Rights that are either his doing or go unanswered due to his uncertainty and lack of Constitutional literacy.

    10) I stand for the equality of all men and women under the law married to Liberty for all. I don’t care if it’s a Democrat or a Republican – although it’s very nearly always a Democrat – but I stand against ANYONE AND ANYTHING that Seeks to Diminish or Abrogate OUR Inalienable God-Given Rights.

    By that token, I take Pres. Washington’s warning on parties to heart, as he told us a day would arrive when people would place loyalty to party over loyalty to America. And as such, I look to seat people in office who have the truest sense of the Founders’ Original Intent and who will jealously and fiercely fight to defend our God-given Inalienable Rights, Freedom and Individual Liberty and America.

    God Bless This America We Love So Well. May He Keep Her Free for All Eternity.

    And then there’s this. Regardless of how one sees Trump’s stand on the issues and his past policies and the bills he signed, it’s hard as hell not to like him when he says things, such as this quote from his recent rally in Texas:

    “If I run and if I win, we will treat those people from January 6th fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.” ~ {still} President Donald J. Trump

    I hope Y’All found this of some bit of good interest, and if not, I hope the rest of Y’All were entertained in some way.

    ~ Justin O Smith

  7. The perfection standard you hold Trump to has never been or could be met by any politician. Name one. Covid was launched by China abbeted by dishonest Fauci and WHO . Trump fast tracked everthing they recommended. In hindsight he received corrupt advise.Please name me one president who achieved half of what Trump did in one term under relentless attack , subversion and impeachements. Republicans are a dysfunctional self depricating party which is why the Dems will prevail while self serving Republicans like Romney and Ryan are complicit proclaimingy their purity. America is truly lost if it cannot discern the difference. Please God save us from our self rightousness .

  8. I voted for Trump twice. Will not vote for him again. I feel Trump served his purpose and undeniably ripped the mask off the Swamp corruption. For that accomplishment, many of us will be forever grateful. But the truth is that Trump HAS made some questionable decisions that have hurt our ability to trust his leadership moving forward. Pushing through the vaccines is just one of those bad decisions. Cowing to political pressure around Covid is another. Turning our country over to an illegal and illegitimate regime is another. A true measure of leadership is what people do under times of challenge and controversy. There has been no question that Trump has battled, almost singlehandedly, an embedded parasite that corrupted our country from the moment he came down that escalator. But unless Trump can take ownership of his failures and explain how he is going to do things differently, I have no confidence in his ability to not make the same mistakes. The Trump I’ve seen has been unwilling and unable to be openly accountable in that way.

  9. Nutter is spot on. Like him, I was in the same boat in 2016. Trump was not my favored Republican candidate. However, I would have voted for Rin Tin Tin before I voted for Hildabeast. Also like him, I was beyond pleased with Trump’s policies and successes. I have two primary reasons I don’t want to see Trump run again. (1) He would be a lame duck on day one. Even a favorable Congress could be slow to support his policies. In four years, we would be forced to look for another candidate. And (2) Trump would alienate all of those suburban moms who are just now coming around to understanding the dangers of progressivism. Trump’s poor attitude and 3 a.m. tweets would turn off all of them. You can’t win without the independent vote even if you stop Dem fraud. It’s time to look for a candidate who can take us through eight straight years, not four. DeSantis is that person.

  10. Trump ,flawed as he/we all are, is unique in critical ways: less beholden to big donors, fearless in speaking the truth as he sees it, more practical minded and persistent in achieving meaningful goals, incredible energy level, superior understanding of business, real connection to common working persons values, distrustful of experts.He is the Rocky Balboa of Politics and the anthesis of phoniness which is why so many Republican politicians fear and oppose him. Even Cruz lacks the cojones of Trump and DeSantis will be relatively easy for the liberals to castrate. So good luck with your musings about an alternative.

  11. Michele,

    This story will probably disappoint you …..the interesting thing is that the primary poll cited is from Yahoos News …not a conservative bastion ….

    LEFTIES’ HEADS EXPLODE: New Poll Shows Only 17% of Republicans and Right Leaning Independents Would Vote for a Candidate That Believes Biden Won 2020 Election

  12. Edward,

    Good point about the vaccines ….I never got the jab …..but I can offer an excuse for Trump that involves a slight bit of speculation …..As a big Trump supporter …and a small businessman, I expected Trump to win ….and, of course, Trump too expected to win ….The vaccines were not going to be available until January 2021 (which they subsequently were).

    As I said, Trump expected to still be President by that time and, I ‘speculate’ , while he would have promoted them , he would have also, by that time, with his second term safely in hand cleaned house of EVERY traitor to the cause in the Executive Branch, including Fauci …Therapeutics like Ivermectin and HCQ would be ubiquitous and the vaccines would be just one (fading) option that would have died a quick death as most would have opted for the therapeutics …(I got mine from Dr. Gold’s organization) …

    Trump’s primary goal with his handling of the pandemic was to get the economy going as soon as it was possible to do so ….so people are comfortable taking vaccines …I’ve had all the vaccinations, I just think it doesn’t make sense to get them for respiratory viruses because they mutate too quickly (see the yearly flu vaccine) and I’d rather take my chances with my innate immune system aided by therapeutics and prophylactics …

    My point is that the vaccines ….and the pandemic itself, would have been quickly dispatched of had the election not been stolen.

    Speaking of the stolen elections, There is a LOT of action on that front ….I hope you are all keeping abreast of it.


  13. What a completely worthless comment. And I disagree with your premise that there are many others like you. I seriously doubt that you ever voted for Trump….or any conservative. And if you did, I find it incredulous that you would vote for anybody other than Trump should he be on the ticket. Go crawl back under that liberal rock.

  14. Not going to fire at you, sir, as I could have written this. The only question I have is Trump doesn’t belong to donors. DeSantis will once he goes national. As we saw with Kristi Noem who went against a veto-proof majority in her state by siding with the NCAA, I am unsure how DeSantis stands under that pressure. Trump’s policies were very effective even though the executive service level bureaucrats worked to undermine them at every turn. They will undermine DeSantis as well and it looks like he has the stones to do something about it. However, the Deep State has just proven they believe they do not work for a President or the People.

    Either man will have to overcome this fact and I am not sure they can. I would say that a clear majority no longer trusts any federal institution and it makes things untenable.

    Good piece regardless.

  15. Besides telling the mainstream media to their face that their “news” is fake, Trump also had the balls to question Obama’s “birth certificate”. For those of us with Adobe Illustrator who could import the White-House supplied file that was said to be a scan of Barry’s birth certificate, it was obviously a construction (a fake) of a background layer, and 8 other layers of text snippets that were photo-shopped together by a non-professional. But, the media covered it all up. There was a Science Institute in Israel that briefly detailed other applications that would show the same fake construction as did Adobe’s Illustrator, but their information was quickly censored as well.

  16. Excellent analysis!!

    I couldn’t agree more ….I’m surprised you left out what he did to make us energy independent and net exporter ….which gave us huge economic leverage over our adversaries and competitors. I’m on the fence about seeing him run again …..but I definitely think he should act as if he is if only to maintain his leverage for as long as possible over the selection of candidates to run in the House and Senate. I no longer trust the Republican Party leadership ….they’ve been compromised and can’t be counted on to back true conservative candidates …we need Trump to assist us in vetting them….especially the ones the RP purports to support.
    Thanks again …


  17. Prior officeholders have to run on their record. Trump’s is excellent except for one issue – the vaccines. Fair or not, he’ll be judged by a wary and weary electorate on those experimental medicines whose dangerous side effects are just now coming out. Oh, and he won’t be able to run for re-election in 2028, and his manner will disaffect middle-class white women, who in 2028 will be that much less likely to favor a republican. I love him, but DeSantis avoids all these issues. I hope Trump does not run.

  18. I have been a supporter of Trump for a long time. My problem with him is he picked RINOs and known Dems for his administration. Pence was always an establishment republican. He still hasn’t learned by endorsing a leftist traitor for Tennessee. He is fast losing my support. DeSantis would be much better.

  19. I will support Donald J. Trump if he chooses to run and can to serve his Second Term in Office. I appreciate every point you’ve made.
    DJT is a Unique Personality. There will never be another President like him! He is a True Patriot….that his second term was stolen from him becomes more clear everyday. If his Wife and Family are willing to suffer the abuse by the Radical Left Democrat Party of Death Degradation and Deviancy/MSM… The Evil UniParty as they did, with Grace.before. I will crawl if I have to in order to vote for…
    TRUMP 2016/2022 MAGA ?? (I am a 79 year old woman)

  20. President Trump is not a politician. He’s a businessman and a fighter. That combination was proven to be a zillion times more effective (and attractive) than a typical politician. He has learned from his mistakes – another thing politicians don’t do well. He won’t get fooled again – the RINO backstabbers will not get a chance to do anything, his second term.

    But unless and until we address the elephant in the room – VOTE FRAUD – none of it will matter.

  21. Agree. 100%. I too was not a Trump fan but wound up appreciating much of what he accomplished. I loathe the establishment uniparty. Alas. My eyes have been opened to exactly how bad the cheating that goes on on in elections has become. And, honestly, I think even the RINO establishment rigs their elections. Nothing ever changes and they like it that way. Trump rocked their boat. It needed rocking. It needs more rocking. Capsizing even. But, like you, I don’t think Trump is the one to do it. We need more libertarians in the conservative movement.

  22. You’re wrong. I’m impressed with DeSantis, too, would love to see him as President Trump’s VP, but Trump is still the one!

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