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Baltimore, How Democrats See America

The Democrats claim to be the party of the people, and especially the party of the minorities. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been serving this lie for 60 years or more, and most Americans have bought the story. The Democrats reach out to Black and Brown people every election cycle and count on their support and votes to put them over the top. Once the votes are counted, and the acceptance speeches are made, the minority voters see only the backs of the politicians. They are forgotten until the next cycle.

When Joe Biden was addressing a group dominated by Blacks during the 2020 campaign, he said, ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Is that more patronizing or insulting? The Democrats feel confident they can count on the votes of the Black and Brown community. They can count on that no longer.

Let’s look at what that blind loyalty has done for the once-popular, now dying city of Baltimore. Baltimore, Maryland, used to be a popular vacation destination. A suburb of Washington, D.C., and lucky to be geographically attached to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. The waterfront, schools, sports teams, and venues were magnets to people worldwide. The city has deteriorated where these attractions are not enough to get people to Baltimore.

One thousand two hundred homeless people are living on the streets of Baltimore. The unemployment rate is 8.4%, but if you dig deeper, white unemployment is 3.5%, while 14% for blacks and Hispanic. The median income for a minority family is $33,000 for Blacks, $42,000 for Hispanics, and $63,000 for Whites.

Education plays a significant role in the financial stability of people. In Baltimore, 13% of Blacks hold a college degree, 24% of Hispanics, and 59% of Whites. Unfortunately, 85% of those incarcerated are Black. This statistic does not help the economy of the minority group but also the family structure. The population has been steadily declining since the ’50s, from 950,000 down to 622,000 in 2014. Much of this decline is attributed to factory and shipyard closings. Baltimore has 30,000 empty homes and lots.

If people do not feel safe, they will not come. The economy is one consideration when looking at the standing of Blacks and Browns in Baltimore. Still, it would help if you also turned to the rise in crime impacting people moving into Baltimore. Rapes were up 25%, and homicides up 4%.

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By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

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