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Six Comments On The Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss six conclusions we can draw from the anti-vaccine mandate protests sweeping across Canada.

#6: Canadian establishment conservatives are just as worthless as their American counterparts.

Parker: I am a big Jordan Peterson fan, and he finally gave me an opportunity to bring him into our discussions. I can usually never do Peterson justice; he’s just a uniquely gifted thinker and orator. As always, he captures what so many people feel innately but often can’t communicate.

In the brief, and what appears to be unplanned and spur-of-the-moment, video, Peterson goes after the leaders of Canada’s “conservative” opposition party leaders. Where are they? Why aren’t they rallying around the truckers? Why aren’t they seizing this populist movement and harnessing the frustrations and desires of regular Canadians who want only to live in a free society? Part of his appeal to the absent leadership includes some pretty common-sense language:

“This is your moment, conservatives in Canada. You could come out and say to the population, say to the people who are desperate to hear this, that we can have our lives returned to normal. And that there’s still some danger but that we’ve got this. With competent leadership and care, we could return our lives to what they should be. We could have our country back. We could move forward into the future in a normal manner.”

The whole video is shared below. It begs the question: What is it about conservative government officials here and elsewhere? Are they not really conservative? Are they cowards? Do they place their own job security and social standing over the needs of the people they claim to represent? We have seen enough Liz Cheneys, Lindsey Grahams, and Aaron O’Tooles for one lifetime.


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#5: Strong opposition to vax mandates isn’t limited to the U.S., and it’s not a fringe position

PF: The talking heads in the American media – along with leftist politicians and establishment ‘conservatives just like in Canada, as you mentioned in #6 – would have us believe that rejecting the idea of government authoritarian vaccine mandates at a federal level is a position held only by conspiracy theorists; whackos. That is not the case, not just here but in Canada as well, and elsewhere around the world. Those who love freedom, no matter in what country they reside, support the human right of being able to decide what’s best for one’s own health.

If someone opposes vaccine mandates, or if they even question their wisdom, the left and their minions will unleash an all-out assault. They will attempt to cancel your podcast, or suspend your Twitter account, or have you fired from your job. And why? It’s all about power. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Omicron variant of COVID, it’s that the vaccinated can still transmit the disease. And that’s not me saying that, it’s the CDC. So, if the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread, what’s the point in mandating the vax? They’re essentially saying, “It’s for your own good, and you’re going to do it, like it or not.”

It’s funny with vaccines because you and I differ significantly regarding our own choice. I’m fully vaxxed, or at least I am by the most recent standard Fauci has put out there. I got the J&J shot last spring, and I got the Pfizer booster in November, whereas you haven’t been vaxxed at all. But we totally agree on the vaccine mandates. Such mandates should be implemented at a state and local level, not at the federal level. Any such mandate should have the support of both the legislative and executive branches, not just a governor, mayor, or president governing by decree. And it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in this opinion.

#4: It exposes the con of political leftists supporting and representing the working class.

Parker: One of the great ironies of this entire movement is that truck drivers as a whole, let’s say, could not more perfectly capture the notion of a working class. In Marxist terms, here are people that get paid relatively little for carrying and earning the means of profit for larger businesses and the 1%. Their plight should be the plight of the Marxist revolution, right? Wrong.

Rather than come out and support the working folks of Canada and their circumstances of medical oppression and quite real unemployment at the hands of the elites, Justin Trudeau, the American corporate media, and everyone else who campaigns on supporting and representing exactly these people ignore and disparages them instead. Is the jig finally up? Do enough people now recognize this? Though not related through protest, isn’t it just another angle of the same problem like when AOC killed tens of thousands of Amazon jobs in her district? The working class got hosed up their derriere on that. Now with the truckers, rather than unite in their fight for rights and freedoms, the leftists in power spit on their single aim of providing for families and call them fringe white supremacists.

This convoy ought to make it perfectly clear that the government has no desire to represent the will of the people or do right by them. The government, especially a leftists’ dream of an ever-bigger government, is in direct conflict with the ideals of supporting a thriving, prosperous working and middle-class people. There has never been an exception in history, and the convoy once again illustrates this point.

#3: The leftwing tyranny by Big Tech worsens, with GoFundMe shutting down the truckers and seizing $9 million of donations.

PF: This news shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s downright scary. On Friday, GoFundMe, which is a privately held company and not part of a larger conglomerate, made the announcement that it would be stopping all contributions to the “Freedom Convoy 2022” fund and that they would not be returning donations to the donors. Instead, GoFundMe will give those funds to “credible and established charities verified by GoFundMe.” This action is technological autocracy at its worst.

The reason GoFundMe is citing for their actions is that there are, “police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.” This justification is merely an excuse and a lame one at that. Whatever violence and unlawful activity the truckers have engaged in is a fraction of what we saw with Black Lives Matter in 2020, yet GoFundMe not only allowed massive amounts of fundraising for BLM, they enthusiastically supported it. Yet at least 25 people died in those protests with over $2 billion in property damage. We can conclude, therefore, that 25 dead and billions in damage isn’t violent and unlawful enough for GoFundMe to act, provided leftists are the culprits.

The motivation by GoFundMe is obvious. As part of Big Tech, they are leftists which means they support all things Democrat. Joe Biden and his comrades in Congress and the media support vax mandates, and the Canadian truckers oppose them and are drawing unfavorable attention to GoFundMe’s leftwing allies up north. Solution? Just shut them down and come up with a convenient excuse to do so. Freedom of speech be damned, Big Tech must promote the left’s agenda.

#2: It has inspired an American Freedom Convoy from California to DC.

Parker: I will take freedom however it comes, though with a tinge of regret that the American people have relinquished their claim to being the biggest lovers of and advocates for freedom during the rise of Covid-ushered totalitarianism. While the American people dutifully stayed home, masked up, and complied with vaccine mandates, major European cities exploded with nightly rage. Now, our docile neighbors to the north are up honking nonstop in Ottawa. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

It at least seems some Americans have gotten their act together. A similar Freedom Convoy is trying to get off the ground in California and embark for DC.  Will it take hold? It’s hard to see how it couldn’t, despite social media’s best efforts to delete group pages and lines of communication. A healthy number of Americans are fed up with medical tyranny, notwithstanding the majority of Democrats who welcome vaccine passports and other draconian measures. Does it matter that vaccines, lockdowns, masks, and everything else doesn’t work? Nah.

Around the world, particularly in Europe and hopefully soon in Canada, we are witnessing the end of the supposed public health emergency. England, Denmark, Finland, and others have signaled that life must resume in a post-Covid world. A loud, noisy, and purposeful exploit of our own roadways could send a powerful message to the sheltered, selfish, and stupid elitists in DC that think they deserve their authority. Would the Feds get involved? No doubt, but not taking action implies we are okay with what’s happening. While Jordan Peterson called out conservative political leaders, could we add American conservative people who likewise don’t respond?

#1: In Canada, it’s not just truckers anymore who are protesting, they’re coming from all walks of life now.

PF: As you mentioned in #2, the backlash against vax mandates that started with the Canadian truckers targeting Ottawa has spread to truckers in the U.S., but that’s not all. Yesterday in Canada, law enforcement across the country, including in their largest city of Toronto, was bracing for more widespread and intense anti-vax protests. And what started as an effort by truck drivers is now spreading to other occupations as well.

According to Reuters, healthcare workers in Toronto had a major protest of their own planned for Toronto’s downtown area on Saturday. But others are also participating. As one protester stated to the BBC, “average peace-loving and law-abiding citizens from all walks of life who are fed up with being disrespected and bullied by our government” are speaking out. Our friends to the north are fed up.

So, the question becomes, if the movement has spread from Canadian truckers to American truckers, and from Canadian truckers to Canadians of all professions, how long will it take before all freedom-loving Americans recognize the wisdom and courage of the Canadian truckers and call for an end of the tyranny by our own government? Again, one need not be anti-vax to be anti-vax-mandate. It’s OK to support and even recommend vaccines to friends and family while simultaneously recognizing their right to decide for themselves. America is The Land of the Free, after all, and the basic freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated should be fundamental for all of us… and for Canadians too.

By The BSC Team

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Featured photo is a screengrab from YouTube and has been cropped.

6 thoughts on “Six Comments On The Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy”

  1. Or, we could all just stop paying our “fair share” of taxes. Shut down government and start over with fresh patriots who will disengage from the corporatocracy which has seized control of our governments, State, Local, Federal, all of them. And kick government unions to the curb while we are at it. Public servants – pfffffft!

  2. #7 The distance between conservative and progressive lawmakers is far, far less than the distance between politicians and the general public. We should always assume that politicians have their own best interests at heart regardless of political affiliations. IMO they are most worried about how this protest impacts them, rather than how it impacts the country.

    The trucker convoy in Canada and in other countries points out the extreme lack of redundency in our modern cultures, with an average of 3 days of food on grocery store shelves, and perhaps a week or two in homes and restaraunts, Perhaps citizens should plan to be more self reliant and less dependent upon everything going as expected.

  3. Interesting slant on it but if the truckers just stayed home the gov. would weave a wall of lies why the shelves are bare. By standing your ground they #1 produce an effect the media can not ignore ( lie about for sure) #2 the shelves are still going to be bare eventually. inner city ppl just won,t stand for no Starbucks due to no deliveries.

  4. “What is it about conservative government officials here and elsewhere?” They are as dirty as their co-conspirators across the isle and will not raise anything that will get them exposed.
    “Are they not really conservative?” Of course not. They are selfish elitists who may have at one time been true conservatives but long ago sold their souls.
    “Are they cowards?” Absolutely.
    “Do they place their own job security and social standing over the needs of the people they claim to represent?” Obviously they do.

  5. As usual, people tend to do things the hard way and that’s why they fail to get things accomplished.

    Ok, you’re going to have this big convoy of truckers all protesting by driving their rigs all over hauling nothing. OK, that isn’t too bad but there is an easier and less costly way to accomplish it with better results.

    Most of you truckers are owner operators and your monthly loan payments on your rig go on whether you drive it or not. Also, when you’re deadheading you still pay for the fuel and maintenance with no offsetting profit from hauling a load. So, how long can you endure this negative cash flowhemoraging from your wallet? A couple of days? A week? And don’t forget the RCMP that’s going to hassle you, not to forget the liberals who will attack you and destroy/damage your rig?

    hear’s a better way. Just park it and stay hunkered down in your home. If trucks don’t role people don’t eat, especially the inner-city liberals who have most of the voting power. Now lets look at this economically from your point of view. How long can you hold out with no income by staying at home versus runinng around all over the nation burning fuel and causing maintenance without an offsetting income so it’s all on your dime?

    The fact is the average person can’t survive for much longer than three to four days without going to the grocery store. So, instead of you being able to hold out much longer, as you drive your rigs without loads so you can pay off your fuel bill, wouldn’t it be better for you, your family and everyone else if you just stayed at home with your rigs parked for about two weeks? If you don’t drive it doesn’t move to where it can be sold and the inner-city liberal crowd goes hungry. When they go hungry liberal government looses power and that causes them to stop this scamdemic mandate crap. Protest smarter, not harder. Just think about it. Or continue to do it the hard way with less results.

    BTW, I have a lot of trucking long haul experience. I’m retired now but I well remember the hassles of making enough income to cover my costs of operation and still have enough for family needs. If all truckers would do this for 14 days at the same time, the Canadian government would break their legs into turning this crap around. Why? because the inner-city liberals who control the vote would be going hungrey. Hungrey people tend to get violent quickly and they will take it all out on the liberal politicians they have elected. Think of it as a nice quiet restful vacation with the wife and kids.

  6. As an American I cheer the truckers, farmers and working folks who are protesting the illegal actions of the Communists who are in control the Canadian government.

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