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What Is The Penalty For Stealing $10M?

We saw the damage done when Big Tech takes sides. When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram decided what content was to be seen by their millions of users, they influenced a Presidential election. Big Tech and the mainstream media promoted the Russian-Trump Hoax, buried the Hunter Biden story, and protected Joe Biden as he hid in his Delaware basement on his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Big Tech has not only decided what content we will see based on their designed and controlled algorithms, but they have declared themselves the arbitrator of the truth.

These companies rake in billions of dollars in revenue while protected by the government as a public discourse platform. One of the criteria for this protection is a hands-off business practice on content. They are supposed to be an unfiltered conduit of postings from their subscribers. Once they become editors of the process, they have violated their right to protection. Congress has yet to recognize the censorship by these platforms. This while some of its members, and the President, have openly asked for them to do so.

Big Tech is complicit with the government in its quest to maintain control of the American people. They are promoting the government mandates for vaccines, boosters, and masks. They are deleting any negative or contradictory posts to the government position at their discretion. This is not an attack on free speech but a move to complete control of speech. Have we completely forgotten the principles on which this country was founded? I am afraid so. That is if we allow it.

Big tech has become the judge and jury on what forms of protest are peaceful or not and which should be supported or shut down. The Social Media platforms supported Black Lives Matter and the occupation and destruction of major cities during the Summer of Love, 2020. They now have a problem with the Trucker Strike and Movement in Canada and currently occupying Ottawa, the capitol city of Canada. They have decided that this demonstration is no longer peaceful because of a few arrests and needs to be shut down. Maybe if they were burning down the city of Ottawa, we would be painting their logo on the main street.

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By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

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