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[WATCH] CNN’s Expert Changes The Entire Narrative In Two Minutes

CNN, like the entire corporate media corps and their allied left-wing political tyrants, has been changing the Covid narrative in real-time ever since Joe Biden predicted a cataclysmic winter of death and despair for the unvaccinated.

Readers will recall that the administration’s holiday message was not of good cheer, but rather of despicable and inaccurate medical intimidation. In the span of only a week, this was all replaced by Tony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky admitting Covid deaths and hospitalizations have been over-inflated since Day 1 of the pandemic. Even for Democrats and their ever-shifting goalposts that’s an incredible turn-around time

The gaslighting on the realities of Covid have shifted into high gear for weeks now, and in just one recent segment – featuring the duplicitous, contemptible Leanna Wen – CNN checked off multiple talking points that were previously verboten to be said out loud.

You could tell the interview would be fraudulent when the former head of Planned Parenthood and resident Covid liar began by suggesting that all of the restrictions on freedom and choice were always made “with the understanding that they would be removed as soon as they can.” If that were true, why did Wen’s own network run a headline in September 2020 declaring “there is no getting back to normal”?

Wen then plagiarized Orwell by noting that restrictions could end because “the science has changed.” What science is that exactly? We’ve known since March 2020 that Covid in its most virulent state never affected children (more on this in a moment), and yet now according to her the science of Covid in general and Omicron specifically has only recently changed. That’s news to me.

Next, Wen pivots hard on the mask narrative. Again, readers will recall that Joe Biden pleaded with the American public to mask up, going so far as to consider implementing a national mask mandate “not as a burden, but to protect each other.” At a different time, he exhorted us to mask up “in public to protect [ourselves] and others.” Well there is a lot of science changing, apparently, because Wen confidently asserts that “we also know about one-way masking – the idea that even if other people around you are not wearing masks, if you wear a high quality mask that also protects you, the wearer.” This is gold-medal gaslighting.

Not finished, Wen then announced the Covid coup de grace, asserting the “responsibility [of dealing with Covid] should shift to an individual responsibility by the family.” Umm, hello! Isn’t that the entire point of the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy? All we’ve ever wanted is to be left alone to make decisions for ourselves. Get out of here with that garbage. It’s disgusting that people will listen to this and agree with it. This is also the same woman who once announced vaccine mandates “cannot come soon enough.” So much for freedom.

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Amazingly, the two-and-a-half minute is barely half over at this point. Wen goes on to point out that the public, media, and political establishment shouldn’t “be looking at case counts at all at this point.” I suppose that makes sense. After all, Trump is out of office and Democrats are now looking down a long barrel for the midterms. Actually, for midterms, they have a State of the Union coming up! The science might not have changed, but the political fortunes sure have. Democrats need a win, and there are enough sheep in this country to deliver one for them.

Aside from the change in masking “science,” another enormous narrative shift was revealed by Wen when she said the government’s iron-fisted restrictions could end because “so many people were exposed to Omicron [and] have at least some level of protection either through vaccination or immunity.’ Don’t read that too quickly or you’ll miss an astonishing reveal. We can talk about natural immunity now!

Finally, Wen concludes her state-sponsored interview by admitting that all of the domestic terrorists from the past year were actually correct – masking children might have some negative consequences. She notes:

“There actually is a harm that we should be discussing of children continuing to mask…but we should also be intellectually honest that masking has had a cost especially for the youngest learners…so the risk-benefit calculation has really changed.”

So there you have it. Leanna Wen, CNN, and everyone else that has proclaimed science to be on their side has come around to what common sense and real scientific evidence has known from the beginning.

Check out Wen lying through her teeth about our new understanding of Covid: