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[WATCH] Canada’s Trudeau Claims The Freedom Convoy Is Trying To “Blockade Democracy”

There are bad takes, and then there are BAD takes. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s public denouncement of the growing and sustained freedom protest in Ottawa and across Canada falls into the latter category.

After fleeing the country on the fake premise of a possible Covid exposure, the boosted and negative-testing PM returned to parliament to attach more slanderous motives to a group of people he has already labeled as fringe and white supremacists.

Take a listen as Trudeau utters complete nonsense:

“Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop.”

To say Trudeau lacks self-awareness is an understatement. Can someone really be this obtuse? More likely, he is simply repeating proven lines that gin up his ignorant, hateful base.

It’s almost unfathomable to think he sincerely holds the position that the truckers represent a threat to freedom and that he represents the antidote. This is the same guy that has effectuated the worst economic blockade since locking down Canada over hyper-inflated fears of a very survivable (and treatable) virus. He gleefully and forcefully shuttered small businesses and many areas in his realm still demand vaccine passports to move about within society. Contradictorily, this is also the same person who encouraged destructive BLM protests that wreaked far more havoc and inconvenience on other citizens’ lives.

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Say what you will about honking in the middle of the night, but who would choose arson and looting over noise pollution?

Like I said, it’s hard to imagine a world where Trudeau really styles himself as a freedom fighter against tyrannical truck drivers. Moreover, there is plenty of evidence to suggest he and others like him don’t believe Covid is worth cowering over and instead only use it to wield limitless power. Trudeau himself is guilty of blatant and unapologetic Covid policy violations.

In one instance, despite mandating foreign travelers quarantine themselves in hotels – at their own expense – upon entry into Canada for three full days, Trudeau checked out of his room one time after just twelve hours. The elite are always exempt. Barack Obama had a gigantic maskless birthday party. Gavin Newsom sent his kids to in-person learning even though he shut down public schools. Countless blue-city and blue-state mayors and leaders were caught traveling or without a mask during their own tyrannical travel and mask restrictions. Stacey Abrams and AOC, anyone?

Based on these and countless other actions, it seems that leftist leaders care not a whit about the impact of Covid. They aren’t worried about contracting it or having serious consequences. Stacey Abrama is the poster child of comorbidities and increased risk, and she’s still parading around exposing her ugly face. She’s a compelling example of why masking might actually be tolerable. Ultimately, going maskless in classrooms, football stadiums, restaurants, and traveling to the allegedly deadly state of Florida wouldn’t happen if the risk of Covid were real to these people

The left will stop at nothing to gaslight, misinform, and deceive the general public. This speech is the height of such efforts to ensure maximum control over a population. There’s only one word that satisfies a response: Honk!