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The Huffington Post Publishes Pure Gobbledygook About Rihanna And Black Pregnancies

When in doubt, pull it out. The racism card, that is. For anyone worried that the Ukrainian border issue, Canadian Freedom Convoy honking, or culture warring over Whoopi and Rogan were taking away much needed oxygen (I can’t breathe, anyone?) from the conversation around systemic racism, then worry no more. The Huffington Post has you covered.

In an article titled “It’s Great We’re Celebrating Rihanna’s Pregnancy, But Here’s What’s Being Left Out,” we are reminded that the progressive left has no intention of ever relinquishing their grasp of the politically and financially lucrative race hustle. In typical fashion, they spend one or two sentences focusing on what’s good in the world and the rest with a boring, fake, and miserable diatribe of imaginary societal ills:

“Rihanna, America’s princess, is pregnant. She looks beautiful, and the way Rihanna is being celebrated after the announcement of her bundle of joy should be the reality for all Black women. But it’s unusual for America to celebrate a Black woman’s pregnancy.”

Womp womp.

It’s like how Barack Obama was twice elected president or how Joe Biden commented on the Derek Chauvin verdict. Did Obama use his victory as a stepping stone to acknowledge this country’s greatness or Biden to say police actually are held to account? Of course not. I hate using the term gaslighting, but that’s what it is. Whether or not we celebrate Rihanna’s pregnancy, elect a black man, or convict a police officer is irrelevant – the message must endure. That’s how we end up with this drivel from a sad, confused, and empty human being.

An early paragraph sets up the tone of the article, which segues from Rihanna and into her own experience giving birth.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know if my partner would be able to be with me when I gave birth. I didn’t know if I would have someone who could advocate for my needs. Being able to have a loved one in the room has been a matter of life or death for Black women, due to institutional racism and unconscious biases that center neglectful practices.”

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That sounds awful if true. Forced to be alone because she’s black? However, what this author fails to mention is that she gave birth in the summer of 2020, a time very much steeped in endless Covid protocols. I would know; my wife gave birth in the summer of 2020 as well. We likewise went through myriad, arguably pointless, exercises in mitigation. People like this author have so deeply assimilated the harmful CRT rhetoric that they suffer from a debilitating mental illness. Even a simple medical precaution is now viewed as a racially oppressive measure.

The maddeningly ignorant race-blaming continues:

“As my due date to give birth was approaching, I had to sit with the fear of all the possible outcomes. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get to the hospital. I didn’t know if I would live through the birth. I didn’t know if I would be leaving with a baby girl in my arms.”

I mentioned that her birth coincided with the summer of 2020. You know what else did? The destructive George Floyd Riots. Do you know why she might not have made it to the hospital? The so-called “peaceful protests.” Despite giving the impression that George Wallace set up the National Guard outside her delivery room and was waiting to snatch her baby, her own people were, in fact, ruining this experience for her. Color me shocked that BLM protests, whether on city streets or federal highways, have negative outcomes for people trying to live their lives.

Another portion reads as follows:

“They tried to pressure me to have a C-section even though I didn’t need one. The higher percentage of Black women who undergo C-sections compared to white women is one thing. I was experiencing the reality of medical racism. Again, I had to advocate for myself.

My partner, James, was there, and he also advocated for me. We were lucky. It was a shocking reality check. When you are Black, your status, your wealth doesn’t matter. Even having insurance doesn’t change things.

There’s not an argument about it at this point. America doesn’t value the Black woman’s body on equal terms. America doesn’t value the fruit of our bodies, our Black children, on equal terms. Black women are still viewed through racist stereotypes as “‘welfare baby mommas.’ Meanwhile, we are three times likelier [sic] than white women to die from pregnancy.”

This is wrong on so many levels. C-sections are becoming more popular for everyone. It’s a black thing. Black maternal mortality, as with higher black Covid mortality, is the result of more preventable preexisting and underlying conditions. Do you want better outcomes? Lose weight; the black community has the highest incidence of obesity in all of America. There, I solved your problems.

Most misleadingly, though, none of the article even addresses the impact of abortion of black motherhood. In my mind, murdering innocent and helpless babies is the one thing being left out (per her title), but apparently that’s just me. Since the adoption of Roe, over 20 million black babies have been murdered in utero. It is both despicable and disingenuous to claim any moral high ground around a supposed narrative of black harm in the world of pregnancy and not mention this cruel fact. Presumably half of the aborted babies were female.

Amazingly, the author makes sure to drop the buzzword of “reproductive justice” in her piece If anything, this author most certainly approves of, and wants to expand, the role abortion plays in society. Remember, these were her words, not mine:

“America doesn’t value the fruit of our bodies, our Black children, on equal terms.”

Is it really America that doesn’t value the fruits of your bodies, or is it black America that doesn’t value those fruits? Far be it from me to point out that white conservative America would love to see all of those black babies have the same freedom in life as the ungrateful moms who view abortion as an oxymoronic late-stage contraceptive.

In any event, this is the garbage the Huffington Post has to offer in contemporary and political discussions. Now you know why you can’t reason with them – there’s no reasoning to be had with sheer delusional lunacy.