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All Liberals Are Not Equal… Like Bill Maher

Bill Maher is one liberal commentator I know of who doesn’t toe the party line. He thinks and speaks for himself. Now he is a true Liberal, no mistake, and when we Conservatives listen to him, often we are grinding our teeth. Still, he often makes extreme Liberals grind them too. The man, as often as not, will get the facts of an issue straight as in this case with his comments about COVID-19.

Party Leftists are cringing from Maher’s recent assessment where he slams the Left media for “scaring the sh** out of people over COVID-19” (his words). Also, they politicized the drug Ivermectin and he called blue Staters “pains in the a$$” for the restrictions and red Staters “a joy” ( his words).

He describes Democrats as a “mindless bureaucracy,” and that seems pretty accurate to me in judging Biden and his handlers. On the medical-industrial complex (MIC), he is less than kind here, too. It (MIC) should “focus on helping the vulnerable stay safe and let the rest of us get back to living normal lives.” Keep in mind readers, that’s from a true liberal. Sounds right to me.

Maher makes a point that many Euro nations have loosened or ended their pandemic restrictions. Much like many here are looking for that as well. The pandemic limitations on kids, who have very high survivor rates, he describes as “unnecessary and horrible.” In my mind anyway, it’s also stupid, and trying to force parents and schools to inject kids as young as five with unproven and possibly unsafe vaccines is criminal. Topping that off with threats against parents who resist these politically motivated efforts should result in severe backlashes by honest Americans.

A recent Johns Hopkins University study has concluded the lockdowns had little or no effect on COVID-19, added Maher, but “imposed enormous economic and social costs.” Another one he got right. Here is another observation he makes, saying many, including our intelligence agencies, believe this virus “came from a lab” (often denied by the Biden administration, I might add). Additionally, there is no research concluding outdoor transmission of the virus is likely or common.

While Maher doesn’t exactly tee off on the medical establishment, he does note that both corruption and incompetence play a part, but sometimes they are “just wrong”. For instance, a few years ago we were told to eat eggs and then not to eat eggs. Take Aspirin now, and then don’t take Aspirin.

A while back trans fats were the thing, now they are illegal along with hundreds of prescription drugs – remember the thalidomide babies a few decades ago? The “cranberry sauce causes cancer” scare around that same time.

Look, medical science is an ongoing process. Sometimes they get it right, other times… not so much.  So, people, especially parents, need to think for themselves and use their best judgment where the kids are concerned, and not politicians throwing their weight around trying to look good (“see I’m doing something”). A politician or teacher, or a school board member are all out of their element in this regard, and with this latest pandemic, we have full proof of that.

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By Steve Earle
Steve Earle is an author at Granite Grok.
Featured photo by F*ck (film) director Steve Anderson (director) is the sole owner of the exclusive copyright of the image., CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons