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[WATCH] Far-Left Representative Claims Biden Crushed The Virus – Right After Omicron Spread Through America

Male Squad member Hakeem Jeffries has never been an honest person, but his latest talking points on the waning of both Covid and the government’s heavy-handed pandemic restrictions is simply next-level villainy. There can be no other motive attached to his obviously deceptive shtick. They are lying to us and changing the narrative in realtime.

Just watch Jeffries drop some of the most outlandish, medically irrelevant and misleading pandemic analysis to date. When watching, be sure to note his silly smirk after finishing his speech. He has to be thinking: “My goodness, will people really believe this?” Amazingly, some will.

And the omicron variant is in retreat. And that’s not by accident. That’s because under President Biden’s leadership a public health infrastructure was put into place, beginning with the American Rescue Plan – without a single Republican vote – to ensure that we can do everything possible to crush the virus. And that is what has been happening. Through the trials and tribulations of a once in a century pandemic. Through the Delta variant. Now through the Omicron variant.”

These people are evil, pure and simple. None of this is even remotely true. Passing exorbitant spending bills without bipartisan support helped stop a virus? Are we concerned about people’s health or staving off an imminent November red wave?

I wrote an article earlier this week how the U.S. Government’s announced a new effort to label anyone pushing MDM (misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information) as a domestic terrorist. How is Jeffries’ distortion of reality not a prime example of MDM? Will the Feds coming knocking on his door?

He doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s helping change the narrative before our eyes. Jeffries casually announces that the Omicron variant is in retreat without mentioning the fact that it’s retreating as a result of infecting probably half the country – including the vaccinated. This is a bigger lie than anything Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, or any of the number of ostracized doctors have said in two full years about anything else related to Covid. 

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing: The Omicron variant disappeared not because of Biden’s public health response, but in spite of it. Despite vaccine mandates, mask mandates, social distancing, quarantining, and vaccine passports in big cities, everyone still got Omicron. In other words, nothing the government did even nominally worked. We got past Covid because we all got it and can now move on. We would have arrived at years ago were it not for all of the unnecessary and economically- and societally-harmful public health measures. That’s how we know it was never about science.

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Not satisfied with spreading just a little MDM, though, the supposed “domestic threat actor” Hakeem Jeffries continued with more asinine logic while discussing vaccination rates across the country:

When Biden took office, there were two million Americans fully vaccinated. One year later more than 200 million Americans fully vaccinated. That doesn’t happen by accident. Because President Biden and Democrats in the House and Senate have leaned into the science and evidence…Now we’re seeing the fruits of that work.

Again, this is just a lie. Joe Biden and his administration had nothing to do with Americans getting vaccinated, unless you consider the totalitarian “job or jab” approach. Then sure, threatening people with loss of income and livelihood counts as ramping up vaccination rates. Otherwise, Biden simply inherited Big Pharma’s death juice and a populace riddled with hyper-inflated anxiety. 

The lies by Jeffries are similar to how CNN resident medical expert Leanna Wen announced that individual responsibility should be the focus of further Covid responses in a recent television appearance (she also said we should unmask students right away!). This is the same person who giddily hoped the government would mandate vaccines to every single citizen last summer and gladly accepted mask mandates for young children. Like I said, evil is the only word to accurately describe these people.

The fact that Covid is going away is a good thing. But we can’t let these monsters get away with the lies and deaths they spread and allowed.