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WOW: BLM Flag Raised On College Campus

The College Fix is reporting that a Connecticut university has hoisted the Black Lives Matter flag on its campus, which now sits right below Old Glory. As if that weren’t enough, not only do promoters of the event (The Black Student Union) think this is all necessary and important, they feel like it will “promote unity and inclusion across all race.” 

Good luck with that. I recall when Joe Biden ran on a unity ticket and ever since becoming president has scolded me and told me his patience his wearing thin. His Department of Homeland Security has called me a “domestic terrorist” on more than one occasion (see here and here). The lesson, as always, by “unity and inclusion” they simply mean conformity to a nebulous agenda and exclusion from society for even thinking a non-prescribed thought.

The story out of The College Fix writes that speakers included several campus-affiliated morons and even New York’s first black congressional winner, 16th District Representative Jamaal Bowman. All had some horrible takes on the matter:

“Black history is all our history,” said the university’s dean of students, Ophelie Rowe-Allen.

“This flag raising today, and what this Black Student Union is leading at the University of New Haven, is what everyone in our country needs to be a part of,” Congressman Bowman said.

The flag will “promote unity and inclusion across all races,” said black student union vice president Saniyah Brinney.

“As president of the University’s Black Student Union, I am grateful that so many supported our recent Black Lives Matter Flag Raising event at the University. I want the University community to know that we aren’t saying all lives don’t matter, but that all lives can’t matter if Black Lives Don’t Matter,” said black student union president Ariana Eastwood.

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Does it get much more banal and empty? This is coming from students who attend a college setting whose cost exceeds $40,000 for the school year. It doesn’t get more ungrateful than that; save me your privileged whining.

The entire charade and the reasons behind it are as insulting to America as they are to our intelligence. Does any sane person really see this as the path toward national prosperity? Even if we somehow forgot that the George Floyd Riots happened – and that’s a Stacey Abrams-sized if – there’s still the fact that BLM’s founders live in posh, white neighborhoods, the organization doesn’t have people keeping tabs on tens of millions of dollars, and more black boys than ever are growing up without fathers. These are just a few major issues. But raising some cheap flag and proclaiming your moral superiority is going to solve all this?

The raising of BLM’s flag also harkens back to previous summers’ exploitation of George Floyd’s death when U.S. embassies around the world hung gigantic banners proclaiming “Black Lives Matter.” Again, robberies, assaults, and murders are all at record highs in mostly-black communities, but good for you, University of New Haven. You’re fighting the real fights.