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The Astounding Difference In Media Coverage Over Blue States Ending Mask Mandates Versus Florida

Not The Bee, the news outlet that publishes headlines just as absurd as its parody counterpart The Babylon Bee (but are depressingly true), ran an impressive string of tweets that highlights how political Cvoid is and always has been. It has never been about science. Only power and control.

Twitter user Drew Holden, who “is known for his extensive threads documenting liberal media hypocrisy,” provides the side-by-side shots of headlines when discussing Florida’s earlier end to mask mandates and blue states’ more recent end. Both always followed the same science – you know, the one that says kids aren’t at risk from or of spreading Covid – but the former was hammered by fear-mongering tyrants while the latter were praised for adapting to the virus. The gaslighting is incredible.

As Not The Bee writes: 

“This is an intense and well-documented exposé of the media and their treatment of Ron DeSantis and other Republicans removing mask mandates, vs. blue states doing the exact same thing a few months later.

The difference in coverage is staggering, but not shocking.”

Take a look for yourself.

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What more proof do we need that these people are evil liars?