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[WATCH] The Super Bowl Featured Maskless Celebrities In A City Whose Students Are Required To Wear Them

These people just don’t care about Covid anymore or any of the rules they design and enforce for the commoners. Correction: They never cared about Covid. And they have never cared about any rules. Forget about Covid, even; Alec Baldwin shot and killed a woman last October and he’s already back on set. No jail. No trial. Chew on that for a second.

We live in two separate worlds.

Without question, the L.A.-hosted Super Bowl was destined to produce a glorious display of greed, hypocrisy, elitism, and better-than-thou moments. It did not disappoint. Clay Travis shared an NBC cutaway of cameramen identifying Hollywood darlings like Matt Damon and Bennifer laughing and smiling while tyrant mayor Eric Garvetti returned for the second time in three weeks holding his breath for four quarters.

Did you see any masks on the elites? I didn’t see any, but I do know that every child in that very same city will have to hide their face and suffocate for eight hours in a cramped classroom this week. And next week. And the week after…

Here’s the clip:

Even if the celebrities did wear masks, it should be obvious by now that Covid is not a lethal threat and it does not now – nor did it ever, for that matter – warrant useless exercises such as masking. It is political theater. We knew it before and we know it now. Masks like the kinds worn by most people serve no useful function against an aerosolized virus.

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Masks don’t work and the elites don’t bother with them. If that isn’t enough to get people to move on from the endemic realities of Covid, I am at a loss as to what will.