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Must See: Hillary Clinton Is Showing Up Everywhere – And Wow, She Looks OLD

Hillary Clinton must have known that the 2016 election scandal was lurking around the corner, ready to rear its truth-telling head. What else could explain her sudden resurgence in the political arena? She has made appearances on podcasts, talkshows, and speaking events. She’s like herpes; she won’t go away and she’s gross.

I mean, just look at her.She HAS NOT aged well. As if the American people needed another geriatric even a mile from the White House, right? Clinton, now 74, epitomizes the empty, power-lusting souls who desperately cling to relevancy after five decades in the spotlight.

Anyways, here are some really awful pictures of Clinton.

Here she is doing a podcast called Hear You And Me Both. It’s a cringe title. Even more cringe is the fact that she said “our democracy is in crisis” right as John Durham filed his latest intel. Tone deaf? Gaslighting? You be the judge.

Also, can we just say this is a photo the internet and her handlers allowed? What photos aren’t they showing us?

Here is Clinton on another podcast talking about more red herrings. If you watch the video (linked here to Twitter), she laments the fate of Afghani girls trying to salvage a life. Ironic, considering her pals Obama and Biden decimated the female population by withdrawing from Afghanistan in the worst possible way.

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Here she is trying to smile on the set of her then-new podcast! Doesn’t she look warm and cuddly? (Well, compared to Kamala Harris, yes).

This is an oldie-but-goodie gem of Clinton in a primetime interview. Would you have been able to tell this is the oldest photo of the bunch? Yeah, me neither.

Here she is another charming photo of plastic surgery, botox, and advanced age.

And finally, here is Clinton with fellow conniver Huma Abedin, her former chief of staff and former wife to the disgraced Anthony Weiner. How is someone like her able to show her face in public? We live in a truly crooked system. In any event, let’s zoom in on Clinton:

Ahh, that was a mistake! This was all a mistake.