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[WATCH] Biden Brags About This Vile Act Against Opposing Constituent

Brandon and the corporate media are at it again. The former is telling truly vile and disgusting stories while the latter gives him a pat on the back with a hearty guffaw.

Speaking at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, which apparently is a thing, he thought he would connect with the audience of predominantly city council members by sharing an anecdote of why he skipped local politics and went right to the Senate at the age of 29. (He said it was to avoid real work, which was supposed to be a joke but also rings amazingly true; the other problem is that China doesn’t care as much and he wants that Yuan.)

Conservatige Brief summarized the bizarre retelling:

“I got a call one night. A woman said to me — obviously not of the same persuasion as I was politically — called me and said, ‘There’s a dead dog on my lawn,’” Biden recounted.

Biden said he recommended that the woman contact “the county,” but she claimed to have already done so and demanded that the body be removed immediately, telling Biden she “paid his salary.”

“So I went over there,” he continued. “I picked it up. She said, ‘I want it out of my yard,’ so I put it on her doorstep.”

Biden later clarified that he’s “gotten much better since then.”

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“I used to give out my phone number, can’t do that anymore. They don’t even allow me to have a phone anymore,” Biden told the audience.

Isn’t that just joyous and unifying? Nothing says tolerance and compassion like mean-spiritedly “removing” the carcass and playing cheap word games with a constituent. As bad as the story is, equally terrible is the cackle of laughter in the room. This man should have been booed upon entry, but since he wasn’t then at least he should have been booed after finishing the punchline. 

Watch the whole thing below: