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What If An Illiterate Masculine Carnivore Is Really A Vegan Feminist Author?

Some constructions in the English language demand to be ridiculed, and the Identity Politics Woke-a-Topia is ripe with opportunity. Take this bit about Vegan Feminist Author Carol Adams, who associates meat-eating with misogyny, racism, and white supremacy.

“The assumption that the best protein comes from dead corpses is a RACIST belief. How do you know the animal would have picked you to feed off their corpse? Your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny. Meat-eating is also one of the ways gender-based structures of oppression are perpetuated.

Meat was not sexist or racist, or supremacist to the earliest hunter-gatherers. It was dinner. Men risked their lives to feed themselves, women, and children because they were stronger and faster. These days their male ancestors can claim to be women to rob them of their rights, safe spaces, and now athletic accomplishments.

They call that social justice, but I don’t see it. It looks to me as if the Left is robbing women of their rights the way they rob them from people of color. You say one thing but then do something else. The party of women is erasing women by claiming anyone can be one. The party of people of color is systematically trapping them on a new crime-riddled plantation of dependency.

When people object, you call them racist, misogynist bigots, and supremacists.

Adams, who is pasty white and probably using her father’s or grandfather’s last name (very feminist), is the author of several page-turners, including  “The Pornography of Meat” and “The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory.”

Adams has been inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame. Was she nominated by PETA they kill animals all the time in the name of animal rights because they’ve not quite figured out how to kill people without it being called murder?

No worries, the Left is working on that. And congratulations to Ms. Adams on making a living peddling intellectual tripe (Vegetarian Critical Theory) with no productive value whatsoever.

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Critical Theory in all its forms is the prattling nonsense of unhappy toddlers and what could be more pretentious than a Vegan Feminist Author. By its mere utterance, the title is a pronouncement of privilege and supremacy. By labeling yourself this, you have defined an avenue of debate that in the world of Theory can’t exist.

Nothing in Theory can.

Language is as much a human construct as gender in a world where women have penises and men can menstruate. If Jimmy Dean had announced with as much sincerity as he could manage that he was also a vegan feminist author who menstruated gravy, it would be bigoted to disagree, at least publicly.

Jimmy Dean the Sausage Queen, and that’s not sausage, and while we’re at it, those aren’t animals. They are plants and tasty ones at that. This is what happens when you create rules where words mean whatever you want them to mean, and that means nothing.

In that world, people will come along and take the hint, and by people, I mean governments, and the next thing you know, definitions are defined by tyrants at the point of a gun.

This is, of course, the goal of Theory. To create equality of oppression managed by Vegan Feminist authors, assuming they survive the purge of intellectuals that typically follow that sort of government change.

And they think they are more intelligent than the rest of us.

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Managing Editor and co-owner of, a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

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