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SELL OUTS: Three Retiring Senate Republicans Enable Biden’s FDA Appointee To Win Nomination

Despite a few Senate Democrats breaking from Biden’s sinking ship and ensuring an otherwise sound defeat of a would-be corrupt FDA chief, five Republicans played the part of turncoat and enabled nominee Dr. Robert Califf to continue doing the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry. Three of those Republicans have previously announced their intent to retire before facing reelection.

What a scam. This nomination should have been a done deal before it got off the ground. However, thanks to some handshakes and back scratching, look for some of these sellouts to sit on a pharmaceutical board in a year or two.

The New York Post had the scoop: “Democrats were able to confirm Califf with votes in favor from Republican Sens. Roy Blunt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah and Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania

This is absolutely not a coincidence. Blunt, Toomey, and Burr (who announced his retirement immediately after winning in 2016) have made it clear that they will look out for their friends in the swamp before caring an iota for their constituents. Like I said, what will they get in return?

The two other Republican turncoats are not much of a surprise. Mitt Romney would sell his own kids if it meant he could have more fundraising cash on hand, and Lisa Murkowski is about as establishment as it gets. Both resisted President Trump’s entire four years and made it clear they hate conservativism – unless it’s a word they can use to dupe their voters into thinking they’re one of them.

Joe Manchin, one of four Democrat Senators who voted down the nomination, made it perfectly clear why Dr. Califf did not deserve the position as new head of the Food and Drug Administration (the one that approves Covid gene therapies):

“Dr. Califf has shown us who he is, and he has shown a complete lack of interest in actually making the difficult decisions that we need the leader of the FDA to make. Nothing that Dr. Califf has said or done has led me to believe he will operate the FDA any differently than he did during his previous tenure.

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Surely Manchin and his colleagues had access to the same information prior to voting to deny or confirm. Moreover, it should be pretty obvious by now that the supposedly neutral agencies designed to protect Americans are hopelessly compromised by both money- and power-hungry tyrants. American safety and wellbeing is the least of these agencies’ concerns.

Still, the retiring Senators – Toomey, Blunt, and Burr – conveniently ushered in Dr. Califf to ensure that the link between Big Pharma and Big Government remained intact.