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What And Why Is Kamala Harris Tweeting In Farsi?

Sometimes, pictures just tell a better story than words. What does this tweet by Kamala Harris say about her view on America and her support of actual violent dictatorships? 

I hadn’t thought much about it, but makes sense that our leaders have accounts all over the world. After all, the globe has shrunk considerably due to social media. It makes me want to open up a Farsi account and see what happens.

Still, it is another thing entirely to have social media access to other nations; citizens – nations and citizens who alrgely hate us and our allies – and say THIS. Here is the translation of that tweet, according to online translation services:

“The truth is: There is segregation in America. Xenophobia exists in America. Antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, all exist. Wherever injustice is dealt with, there is activity ahead.”

Whenever I think Kamala Harris can’t get more repulsive, she tweets her open animus toward the country that gave her and her immigrant parents everything, up to and including the White House. In the same token that she spits in our faces, she throws her support to cruel, backwards, and rtuthless tyrants.

David Harsanyi, who broke the story over at Nationla Review, had this to say in response:

“Xenophobia exists everywhere, of course, but less here than in most places — and by “most places,” I definitely mean the Islamic Republic of Iran. Earlier this month, the Iranian government executed two gay men, who had been sitting on death row for six years, on sodomy charges. So the Iranians know a thing or two about homophobia. The Islamists who’ve been running that nation since 1979 have also systematically persecuted Baha’is, Christians, Sunnis, and Sufis, according to the United States government. The mullahs’ xenophobia doesn’t manifest in dog whistles and bad tweets, but in imprisonment and state-sanctioned violence. Iran is also perhaps the leading antisemitic state in the world — not only because it constantly threatens the Jewish State with nuclear annihilation, but because it funds, trains, and supports terror proxies and violence against Jews around the world. None of this even takes note of the fact that the Iranians are probably responsible for murdering more than 600 American troops in recent years.”

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Sometimes a picture is better than words. And sometimes there are no words. What else can you say about Harris’s tweet and Harris herself? What else needs to be said? She is the epitome of ingratitude, naivete, stupid, and increasingly evil incarnate.