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Will Biden Veto HUNTER?

Last week brought us another unforced error by the Harris/Biden administration.  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decided that its current slate of crises isn’t enough and it decided to step in another pile of crap.  The mission of the department is to:

Enhance the health and well-being of all Americans, by providing for effective health and human services and by fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.

We’ve got skyrocketing healthcare costs, an NIH that may have helped create a pandemic, vaccines that may kill you, booster shots that only boost the bottom line of big pharma, and record-high fentanyl overdose deaths. And with all of that, the HHS idea to promote public health is, wait for it… distribute safe crack-smoking kits.  It seems HHS has 30 million bucks it would like to spend providing pipes, alcohol swabs, screens, and mouthpieces to the underserved black and LGBTQ communities.

I always thought that being “underserved” with illicit drugs was a good thing, but apparently not.  It certainly begs the question: why does the Harris/Biden administration want these underserved communities to be better served – with drugs?  Do they prefer them hooked rather than clean?  That seems like a fair question – no?

But it gets even sillier.  HHS is going to make distribution efficient by employing technology.  Those crack-smoking supplies are going to be distributed by machine.  Yup, you read that right.  Druggies will be able to get their sanitary crack-smoking supplies from conveniently located vending machines – kind of like those machines in women’s restrooms, but with crack pipes.

When the news broke, President Gremlin immediately went on the defensive.  He angrily assured the nation (it seems all of his assurances are angry) that his administration would never distribute crack pipes.  Just like he assured us that he would never leave Americans behind in Afghanistan.

The Department of HHS issued a much-needed clarification.  The crack-smoking kits do not include crack pipes.  The kits only include glass tubes and mouthpieces.  That should make us all feel a lot better.

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Joe’s denial that his “adults back in charge” administration wouldn’t do any such thing, gave the Republicans an opening to have a little fun in this guerilla war we call 21st-century American politics.  If the Dems don’t want to distribute crack pipes, they shouldn’t have any problem codifying that into law – right?  The Republicans in the House submitted a bill prohibiting the government from doing any such crazy thing.  It’s called the Halting the Use of Narcotics Through Effective Recovery Act.  The HUNTER Act for short – named after the well-known crack pipe model and presidential influence peddler, Hunter “Ten Percent Goes to The Big Guy” Biden.

If the bill were to come to a vote (which it won’t) it would force the Dems to choose between green-lighting the distribution of crack pipes, or voting for a bill named after the President’s crack-smoking, stripper impregnating son.

Of course, San Fran Nan is never going to allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote as long as she’s in charge.  She’ll personally take the heat for enabling the distribution of safe smoking kits rather than force her caucus to go on record.  It will probably get her more votes anyway – San Francisco being underserved and all.

This whole episode has revealed two things.  The Dems have lost their collective minds and the Republicans in the House are done being putzes.  The jury is still out on the RINOs in the Senate.  But the House Republicans have decided to stop being targets on the softball field and have decided to play hardball instead.  They’re starting to back the Dems into corners at every opportunity, and are forcing them to take a stand on the lunatic ideas they push.

This drama has also revealed a lot about the demented minds of the Democrats.  They want to “serve” communities plagued with drug addiction, by making it easier to get drug-addicted.  And they’re doing it in the name of public health.  The supplies they will distribute will be sanitary, to make it safer to inhale substances manufactured from toxic chemicals, by high school dropouts, in backwoods labs.  Did I get that right?  If this is all they’ve got, the Dems are out of ideas and they’re morally bankrupt.

A year from now the Dems will be talking about unintended consequences because they refuse to acknowledge where the road they’re on leads.  It leads to the closing scene of Thelma and Louise.  In the past year, the Congressional generic ballot poll has gone from safely Democrat to total dumpster fire.  The Rasmussen Reports poll shows a “historic” 13-point Republican lead.  There is nothing they can do about it, because a course correction would require them to abandon everything they stand for.  They’ll opt for better messaging instead.  Because getting people to become subjects of the state is all about explaining it right – or so they always pretend.  The Dems are in the car smiling, with their foot on the gas, and the cliff will arrive in November of this year.  The Republicans will retake the house, and then things will get really interesting.

The only thing that Joey from Scranton had going for him during the campaign was that people perceived him as a nice guy.  But his reaction to any challenge is anger.  Remember the prospective voter that Biden called fat on the campaign trail?  How about the one that asked a question and got called a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”?  I don’t know what that means, but it sounds bad.

Eventually, HUNTER will be back – the bill not the highly successful artist.  How do you think Biden will react when it lands on his desk – and it will (see not playing softball anymore above).  It will throw him into a bigger rage than the ice cream store not having his favorite flavor.  He may even threaten to take Speaker McCarthy behind the school gym for the ole Corn Pop treatment.  That will do wonders for his “nice guy” image, and prove there is no floor to his polling (other than zero that is).

Our future Speaker McCarthy could go over to the White House and oblige our PINO with a well-deserved tune-up.  That would thrill the base, but I think Kevin is more of a “revenge is a dish best served cold” kind of guy.  He’ll just add the threat to the Articles of Impeachment along with:

  • Violation of the First Amendment
  • Leaving hostages in Afghanistan
  • Taking bribes from China
  • Opening the southern border to invasion

While the impeachment investigations are proceeding, what will Joe do with that stinking pile of HUNTER on his desk?  Biden will veto HUNTER of course, and the satire will write itself.

By John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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