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OPINION: How Many Times Can NYC Mayor Eric Adams Get Away With Anti-White Racism?

Imagine this scenario: A white male in government – he could be a mayor, governor, or president – is recorded calling other people of other races a derogatory term. In a later press conference, that same person comfortably calls anyone that disagrees with him a racist. More than that, they reprimand them for their alleged racism. Would you trust this person to lead your community? Would you consider them qualified to hold that office? How would the media report it?

It’s easy to imagine Donald Trump as the counterexample. If he called black people the n-word, this country would literally have been set on an inexhaustible and all-consuming fire. If he had called any number of nonwhite reporters racist for attacking him, they also would have called him a thin-skinned whiner. (On that point, much of the hatred toward Trump IS because of his whiteness, but because Trump is a mentally stable human being, he doesn’t approach the problem that way).

So, we’ve established that the counterexample would never fly. Then why do we allow New York City’s mentally unwell and racially-divisive mayor, Eric Adams, to spew constant filth and hatred towards white people? It’s unconscionable how much he hates white people. And I don’t say this as a white person – I say this as a human being. History shows that language such as his leads to the eventual mass murder of the “other.” And white people are quickly becoming othered – if the unvaccinated don’t beat them to it.

Consider the following two examples.

Two weeks ago, 2019 video footage emerged of Adams proudly boasting how he bested his white colleagues by rising through the ranks:

“Every day in the police department, I kicked those crackers’ ass.”

Hold it right there. He did what? And he bragged about it? And no one cared? I opened this piece with a scenario; here’s another one. Can you imagine a white person bragging to an all-white (given Adams’ vernacular and cadence, I assume his audience is all black) audience about how they were better than blacks? The George Floyd Riots would look like the Freedom Convoy in comparison to the utter violence unleashed on America. He had more to say:

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“[T]alking about cannabis. I would rather wear white all day, grow a beard, smoke some weed, and leave this stuff alone. You hear me? Man, these negroes, boy, these negroes that wake up everyday and don’t like themselves, they’re gonna beat me up. The people who say “where’s our real black leaders?” – they’re gonna say, “listen who’s Eric?” – you know, “why should Eric be mayor?” Well negro, you run. You run!”

Here’s a real question: Where was this video in the primaries and mayoral election? This man has revealed himself to be an irredeemably woke race-hating grifter. The top person in charge of enforcing cannabis laws just wants to smoke all the time? Who is he, Kamala Harris? And then I can only assume those “negroes” to whom Adams refers are competent and eloquent speakers like Larry Elder or Candace Owens. It’s a tragedy that the black community has foolish posers like Adams (and I’ll include all of them like Obama, Harris, etc.) as role models rather than emulation-worthy thinkers and doers like the aforementioned Elder and Owens. That those two, like so many others, are treated with hostility shows the plantation-like desire to control the minds and bodies of American blacks.

Seriously, though, if you were a random person and didn’t know anything about this speech, you’d assume you were listening to some random street creature instead of the next Big Apple mayor. What an absolute joke. Shame on New York City voters.

What’s really ridiculous is that YouTube restricts access to the video. In other words, the Big Tech overlords themselves even deem this content sensitive, and yet Adams continues his relentless and unchecked march toward bigotry and hatred? See the disclaimer and watch the one-minute video for yourself:

There is then the more recent example of Adams berating a group of predominantly white journalists at a press conference he called for himself. Presumably, he expected kid gloves like all Democrats get. We covered that yesterday here.

Like his previously exposed monologue, Adams again went on the offensive with his race-weaponizing language. He said:

“I’m a black man that’s the mayor but my story is being interpreted by people that don’t look like me. How many blacks are on editorial boards? How many blacks determine how these stories are being written? How many Asians? How many East Asians? How many South Asians? Everyone talks about my government being diversified, what’s the diversification in the newsrooms?”

It should be noted that he played the race card after journalists began asking him about his failure to get the New York Assembly to go along with his “tough-on-crime” stance. In Adams’ eyes, noticing failures is racist. Correction: Noticing failures of black Democrats is racist.

New York is falling off a cliff. Residents are fleeing in droves, and the ones confusingly choosing to stay subject themselves to daily muggings, carjackings, and rising murder rates. If they choose to walk in the streets or ride the subways, they expose themselves to hazards the types of which no civilized world should experience. Is this progress? In the eyes of Adams, apparently it is.

There is little accord between anything Adams says, is, or represents, but n one point, in the closing remarks of the first video, Adams says something that we can all agree with:

“They know me. They know what I’m about.”

We certainly do now.