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Trudeau, Truckers, and Desperation Moves: Western Leftists’ Embrace Of Fascism

Does anyone still wonder why we say that Fascism is a child of the Left?  There is an old saying: scratch a liberal and find a Fascist.  It has never been more true than with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Typical of the Left blaming everyone else, especially conservatives, for the problems they cause themselves, Mr. Trudeau is blaming the Freedom Convoy protesters for the disruptions in their daily lives that Canadians are now experiencing.

They are destroying our economy, Mr. Trudeau announces, conveniently forgetting the enormous negative  impact that his lockdowns and mandates have had on businesses and livelihoods throughout Canada.

People deserve to have their safety respected and to get their lives back, he states,  while ignoring all the vaccination and mask mandates that he has imposed and that have deprived Canadians of their rights and freedoms.

We are continuing to listen to the science, he proclaims loudly while ignoring the science that shows lockdowns and vaccinations have been of no benefit in affecting the spread of Covid, while having huge negative effects on the health and well-being of people throughout the land.  It would appear the truckers are far better informed of the science than Mr. Trudeau.

Now Mr. Trudeau has undertaken the truly stupid move of invoking the Emergency Powers Act and is now seeking to seize the assets of the truckers in order to force them to disband.  His justification is that the lawful, peaceful protest is a national emergency, a threat against the safety of all Canadians, and the product of racist, white supremacist, far right-wing Nazi insurrectionists who want to overthrow the government.

Not an insurrection

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He gives himself too much credit.  Asking him to reexamine his policies is hardly insurrection.  Mr. Trudeau has said that in dealing with the situation, all options are on the table.  He lies.  He has left off the table the one thing that could resolve the situation overnight.  He refuses to acknowledge the concerns of millions of Canadians regarding the loss of freedom and civil rights that has been the result of government acts.  Were Mr. Trudeau to actually listen to the truckers and give due consideration to their concerns, there could be speedy resolution without the violence and discord Mr. Trudeau is provoking.  This is the option that Mr. Trudeau has deliberately left off the table.

Mr. Trudeau does not seem to realize that the Freedom Convoy truckers are simply the visible embodiment of a much larger body of Canadian citizens.  These are the citizens who pay attention to the science and who have observed that the restrictions Mr. Trudeau has imposed have done nothing beneficial for the country.  On the contrary, enormous harm has been done to the economy, to civil society, to education, and even to the health and well-being of the citizenry.

The Freedom Convoy did not grow out of a vacuum.  Truckers did not suddenly wake up one morning and decide to travel to Ottawa to honk horns at Parliament.  No, the Convoy grew as an idea to make Parliament recognize the concerns of citizens who had for months been trying to get the attention of their representatives.  For months their pleas had fallen on deaf ears and it was only after other avenues had been exhausted that the idea of a Convoy arose as something that could not be ignored.  The vaccination mandate was simply the final straw.

A fiery speech by Tricia Lindsay in the US made numerous good points, but an important one was that compulsory vaccination was forcible insertion of an unwanted object into one’s body and that was the definition of rape.  Overly dramatic?  I think not.  Are Canadians simply to relax and enjoy?  When does government authority over one’s body cease?  Where is the line?


Now Mr. Trudeau has taken things to the next level.  It was evident when he positioned snipers to fire on truckers who might protest his orders to clear the Ambassador Bridge near Windsor.  He was prepared to use lethal force against peaceful protesters.  Where will he stop?

Clearly, the situation is no longer about vaccination mandates and lockdowns.  Mr. Trudeau’s ego has been offended.  Now it is a case of Lèse-majesté – the king has been insulted and people must be punished.  His authority has been questioned.  People dare defy his commands.  He will stamp his little feet and hold his breath until the truckers turn blue.  Unfortunately, if he proceeds to seize assets and trucks a lot of people might turn blue as they freeze in the cold of a Canadian winter.

By reasonable estimates, probably over 10% of Canadian truck drivers and trucks are directly involved in the Convoy.  Canadian trucks carry food and essential supplies into cities across the country.  They transport raw materials to factories and carry finished goods to markets.  Without trucks, Canada would grind to a halt, grocery stores would have nothing but empty shelves, workers would have no work.

Already Canada has a shortage of trucks and drivers.  Despite that, Mr. Trudeau wants to punish those who defy his orders by arresting them and confiscating their trucks, further restricting the flow of the lifeblood of the Canadian economy.  Does he really think this is a good idea?  Is he really willing to put all of Canada at risk merely to assuage his bruised ego?

Of course, he will blame the truckers – after all, if they would only obey his orders, submit to lethal injections, and go back to work, then all would return to normal and he might allow, at some indefinite time in the future, his people to have a few of their freedoms back.  Clearly, the truckers made him do it.  It’s really their fault.  They are to blame.

A deathmatch situation

By being unwilling to listen to the voice of the Canadian people, by ignoring science, and by seeing the Convoy as a threat to his authority rather than the urgent message it is, Mr. Trudeau has brought the situation to crisis.  At this point, neither side can gracefully back down.  Trudeau cannot walk back his rhetoric nor can he stop the progress of the Emergency Powers Act.  He is committed to escalation until his opposition surrenders or is destroyed.  To do otherwise would be to appear weak, vulnerable to pressure from the populace he rules.  To back down would be emasculating and would render him ineffectual for the remainder of his term.

For the truckers, it is probable that the government now has the license numbers of every truck, the identities of every driver, the names of everyone who donated to the cause, and everyone who supported them.  If the truckers disperse, many of these people will be hunted down, charged with crimes, and visibly punished for their alleged seditious activities.

We saw it happen in the US with the FBI searching out select people from the January 6 disturbances, and those were much less serious than the Convoy activities.  Expect representatives of the RCMP to appear on doorsteps to arrest “insurrectionists” one by one, with television cameras recording and widely broadcasting an object lesson of what happens to those who dare defy the authority of the Left.

Our FBI was once a fine and honorable institution that seems now to have become a tool for enforcing the will of the ruling class and for breaking the will of the people.  Likewise, the mounties were also representatives of a fine and noble institution, preserving the peace and protecting the populace.  Will it, too, now be used as a tool of tyranny?

A tiger by the tail

The truckers cannot yield now without ironclad guarantees that there will be no retaliation, no persecution, no authoritarian acts against them for their participation in this peaceful protest.  It may mean that Trudeau and his party must resign.  It may mean more.  The truckers have a tiger by the tail and cannot let go until they accomplish what they set forth to do

One need only look at the history of slave rebellions to see where this situation could end.  It is now up to the Canadian people to decide, are they slaves to be commanded and used by their elite masters of the Left, or are they a free people in charge of their government – a government-employed to perform a limited set of necessary tasks?

Which will it be, O Canada?

By David Robb

David Robb is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

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 The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Blue State Conservative. The BSC is not responsible for, and does not verify the accuracy of, any information presented.