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Biden Has Crossed Another Constitutional Line

We are witnessing historic events in America.  There’s a battle underway.  Thankfully so far, it is being waged in the political arena and not on the field of force.  Elements in our own government are working to dismantle our constitutional republic and the silent majority is slowly awakening in a foul mood about what the new day is presenting them.  The outcome of this battle will either be the dawn of tyranny in America, or a shining example that the yearning for freedom is stronger than the force of any government.

A virus of no more virulence than the common flu has been used to order some businesses shuttered while leaving others open.  Wannabe dictators have restricted our movement and assembly.  We’ve been told when we can and can’t go to church and which political rallies are threats to democracy.  The “my body my choice” crowd has even dictated that we all take experimental drug treatments, with questionable benefits, and alarmingly high mortality side effects.  All of this was done by our sworn “public servants” with no Constitutional authority whatsoever.

Teachers now assert that parents have no rights relative to their children’s education.  They are to be allowed to indoctrinate our young citizens in the ways of social justice (i.e., socialism).  Our Orwellianly named Department of Justice has offered its assistance in suppressing the protestations of parents.

“Equal application of the law” has become standard boilerplate used by pompous prosecutors and judges to justify the use of the law to advance perverse ideologies.  Citizens caught at the wrong political rally are held without bail in deplorable conditions.  Militant rioters, burning cities to protest law enforcement, are granted low or no bail – which is then paid by our own elected officials.

The Harris/Biden administration has danced around 1st Amendment violations for months.  They’ve encouraged tech oligarchs and other private companies to censor speech they don’t agree with.  But as the argument goes, it’s not the government curtailing free speech.  It’s private companies doing it – wink, wink.  It was still the government violating the 1st Amendment while using smoke and mirrors to hide the fact.

Now the DHS has taken another alarming step towards tyranny.  It has issued a terrorist threat advisory, declaring that the spreading of misinformation about COVID or the election is on par with foreign terrorism and threats of violence against government officials.  Let that sink in.  Disagreeing with the government narrative now makes one an enemy of the state.

According to the DHS, questioning the integrity of the 2020 election puts one in the same class of people as those that fly airliners into buildings or spray bullets at Republican softball teams – except oddly that last one has never been labeled terrorist attack.  We’re not supposed to notice that the class of those questioning the 2020 election is now up to about 60 percent of the population.  Further, our concerns over the election are not based upon misinformation.  The Arizona election audit proved that we don’t know who won the election.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so it’s labeled “misinformation” by our federal overlords.

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Based on the number of Americans questioning the election, over half are now considered a threat to government – in a supposedly self-governed country.

According to the threat advisory, spreading misinformation about COVID is also now considered a “threat.”  I assume Anthony Fauci will be arrested any day now.  Nobody has spread more misinformation about COVID than he has.  I’m sure he’ll be held without bail along with the other insurrectionists.  Or is the issue not about “misinformation” at all?  Is it actually about crushing dissent – the very thing our 1st Amendment is intended to protect – and all presidents are sworn to defend?  Whether or not Fauci is arrested will answer that question.

The Biden administration is bringing the power of the federal government to bear in controlling our speech.  He is openly and explicitly violating the Constitution, and daring us to do something about it.  The mere fact that the DHS Secretary wasn’t fired immediately after issuing this advisory, should be all the grounds for impeachment needed by anyone valuing their God-given rights.

Our founders affirmed every man’s right to free speech because it is critical to the functioning of a self-governed country.  It is the civilized alternative to fists when demanding redress from a government gone awry.  Our current administration is seeking to take that alternative away from us – and they don’t seem to see that there is a rather unpleasant unintended consequence that may result.

In response to all of this nonsense, groups committed to defense of our constitutional freedoms have begun to form.

  • The Oath Keepers
  • Protesting parent organizations
  • 2nd Amendment advocacy groups
  • Trump supporters with “Let’s Go Brandon” flags
  • The Convention of States movement
  • Truckers with patriotic signage

In an impotent attempt to stop the growth of such movements, the left and its supporting propaganda ministry have labeled all of them “right-wing extremists.”  The label is intended to define such movements as “fringe” and “dangerous.”  But are they really dangerous or fringe?

As an example, let’s examine how the propaganda ministry has framed the Oath Keepers narrative.  In 2018, members of the Oath Keepers were arrested in Florida while responding to Hurricane Michael.  A division of the propaganda ministry, the Panama City News Herald, ran the headline: “Vigilante group arrested in Mexico Beach.”  What were they arrested for?  Shooting looters?  Nope.  Terrorizing minorities?  Not that either.  They were arrested for being out past curfew.  That’s not quite the threat to civilization that the headline implies, is it?

Barry Goldwater famously said:

“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.  Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

The next time our government, or it’s supporting propaganda ministry, cautions us about right-wing extremists, understand that it is an attack on those who would defend our liberty.  It is our government, vilifying those wishing to return America to its founding principles.

There’s still time to peacefully stop this nonsense.  But history tells us that regaining our freedom after it is lost, will require more extreme measures.  We can’t leave any doubt as to what our position is in the next two elections.  As rapper Zuby says, “You can vote your way into communism or fascism, but you have to shoot your way out.”

By John Green

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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This article appeared previously at the American Free News Network.

Featured photo by U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons