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UPDATE: 95-Year-Old Queen Elizabeth II Tests Positive For Covid

Over the weekend, it was reported that the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II had tested positive for Covid. The Daily Mail had the story, which bullet pointed the most salient takeaways:

  • “The Queen has tested positive for Covid, Buckingham Palace has confirmed in a statement today
  • Monarch understood to be experiencing mild cold like symptoms and expected to continue with light duties
  • She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow the appropriate guidelines
  • A number of people at Windsor Castle have tested positive recently, but Queen will continue with light duties
  • It comes days after Charles and Camilla both tested positive for virus and two weeks after Platinum Jubilee”

Now, obviously, I wish the Queen well – and not because she’s royalty. I wish her well because she’s a human being. I have to be honest, though, I am not worried about her all that much and her infection. Can Windsor if they have her continuing with light duties? (What kind of duties did the 95-year-old monarch have before?)

Call me callous, but my initial reaction to this news was basically one of indifference. Who hasn’t gotten Covid at this point? And with regard to Omicron, who hasn’t survived? The queen’s advanced age notwithstanding, I have a healthy outlook on the virus and the fact is Covid is still very survivable regardless of age and comorbidities. Each variant becomes more survivable, too. According to government-funded health agencies, even the most advanced in age had a 90% chance of survival from infection, and those figures are skewed from then original and subsequent Alpha variant. We are led to believe Covid is a death sentence; it simply isn’t. There is also the fact that the Queen has access to some of the best healthcare in the world. 

Taken together, then, I am not worried at all about the Queen. If anything, she will be the best example yet of how minimal the risk of Omicron and future variants will likely be.  

Apparently, I am not the only one. The Daily Mail, not a conservative outlet in the slightest, pushed its post-Covid propaganda on the front pages upon its announcement of the Queen’s positive Covid test. You know the elites are accepting a giant loss when they run text like this:

Can you imagine the press telling us how to host a birthday party after Obama’s behemoth 60th? Or, can you imagine seeing a headline like that even as recently as last fall? Joe Biden warned of a dark winter of death. Omicron was so bad it warranted shutting down air travel. Now, a 95-year-old monarch with recent episodes of medical concerns requiring hospitalization becomes infected with the supposedly worst virus in human history and it’s fine. Just keep on keeping on.

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Of course, where the Daily Mail and I converge in opinion is about the same place we diverge. Rather than admit that everyone experiences cold-like symptoms when infected with Omicron, with or without the vaccine, the UK narrative sounds identical to American messaging. Read the first sentence from this excerpt:

The Queen is expected to make a swift recovery after testing positive for Covid-19 because she is understood to be triple-jabbed – giving her the maximum amount of protection from the virus. 

The monarch could, though, be prescribed one or more of a number of anti-viral medications designed to protect the most vulnerable in an effort to aid her recovery.

The drugs include Ronapreve, approved in August 2021, which contains types of proteins called ‘monoclonal antibodies’, and has been shown to reduce the risk of hospital admission or death by 70 per cent in those with mild to moderate Covid-19.

Another option could be Molnupiravir, a medicine approved in November 2021, which clinical trials suggests reduces the risk of hospital admission or death by 30 per cent.”

So the queen is expected to make a full recovery on account of being triple jabbed? I wonder what they would say if the queen took a turn for the worse? If the vaccine provides protection when she’s well, does that mean it doesn’t work when she’s not?

It’s also revealing that they feel the need to highlight some of the additional treatments. Aren’t the vaccines the bees’ knees? Why does she need antivirals if she’s triple jabbed? That question is worth asking every time. It’s such a cheap and lazy example of confirmation  bias. Does the Daily Mail or anyone report when an unvaccinated person experiences mild symptoms and survives handedly? \

Curiously, the Queen is also given some brand-new drugs, rather than proven off-patents like ivermectin. That’s not a surprise, but as I said, even the Daily Mail and medical establishment acknowledges that the vaccines aren’t enough when they openly push their other treatment options.

It will be interesting to see how the media reports on the Queen’s recovery process. It’s hard to see where they take it from here. If she does recover, a frail 95-year-old surviving doesn’t play well. At the same time, a triple jabbed individual succumbing doesn’t sound too great either, especially after they boasted of a predicted swift recovery on account of mRNA genetic therapies.

My guess is that the Queen will do just fine and we won’t hear of this anymore.