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[WATCH]: Too Funny! MSNBC Reporter’s On-Air Humiliation

This video is hilarious. In it, an MSNBC reporter discussing the situation in Canada not only gets drowned out by the crowd of pro-freedom Canadian patriots surrounding him, but humiliated by their anti-media sentiments.

As you can hear in the video, the MSNBC host tries dismissing the protesters, then when their shouts become overpowering, tries to make it all about himself and his profession, saying that they’re gathering because of “the way they feel about the media and they are venting it loudly.

No, they’re gathering because of the way they feel about Trudeau and the mandates. The appearance of regime journalists on the scene, there to try and frame the issue in a way that makes the protesters look bad, is just an added bonus to the anti-Trudeau crowd because it gives them an opportunity to make as much of a mockery of the regime as they’re making of Trudeau and his tenuous grip on power.

In any case, McGregor, the host, was right that they were “venting it loudly,” with the “it” being their utter lack of respect for regime media figures of his ilk.

As you can hear over the shouts of “freedom,” shouts of “F****** liars!”, “get a real f****** job,” and “The media is the virus” drowned out McGregor’s voice and utterly humiliated him live on air.

And McGregor certainly deserved it for the was framing the issue. Though it’s hard to understand him because of the cries of freedom, Newsweek reports that he was saying:

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This is a feature of these demonstrations, Yasmin, that we haven’t seen in Canada a whole lot. I know the MAGA movement in the United States, we’ve seen a lot of this kind of thing.

But protesters, now they see their occupation of the city coming to an end after three weeks, increasingly turning their anger against journalists. Seeing a lot of our colleagues up here covering these protests being harassed, screamed at, as you can hear here.

Again, it’s just a lie; the protesters are there because of the mandates, not the media. Getting to mock people like him live on air is just a bonus.

The Twitter comments and retweet quotes were, as usual, excellent. Here is a selection of some of the best few:

Yikes!! This is hilarious. The MSM is the enemy of the people….and everyone knows it. Even Canadians.

This is how media people should be treated that lie. Nobody should take this job because of who they work for. Scumbags.

I just called you all a racist in the last segment. How dare you not treat me well.

Dude almost cries.

What those comments get to is the basic truth that the not only does the emperor (Trudeau) have no clothes, having been exposed as a fraud and tyrant, neither do his servants.

The Mounties and other police in Ottawa have been exposed as bloodthirsty thugs and the media sycophants have been exposed as little more than toadies of the corrupt regime.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative