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MUST SEE: NASCAR Fan’s Response Causes Reporter To Flee From Interview (VIDEO)

Considering that a NASCAR interview gave rise to the most chantable phrase in recent memory, and certainly the best rallying cry for freedom in decades, it is only fitting that another interview on the racetrack would provide corporate media with another embarrassing (for them), hilarious (for us) live moment.

This is my favorite clip of the month. Enjoy:

Good for that guy. Unlike the live Christmas interview that resulted in a brave father being doxxed by the media, I have yet to hear of this fan being attacked or outed. I am guessing someone bold enough to come up with that reply on the spot isn’t too concerned with fallout. If anything, he’ll only gain from the coverage and become even more of a hero in his hometown.

Of course, if Biden thinks he’s getting off easy, he’s sorely mistaken. An extended version of this clip was recorded by another Twitter user and it follows the embarrassed reporter, who commendably keeps his composure and keeps at it, looking around for a second interviewee. It boggles the mind why he thought a young man draped in the American Flag would have anything other to say than LGB oir FJB, so that’s on him.

Music to my ears.

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