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Kyle Rittenhouse Is Planning To Sue Celebs And Media For Defamation

When Kyle Rittenhouse was found to have acted in self-defense, the response from the usual suspects was more “over than top” than before the trial. Does it rise to the level of defamation? It looks like a few of them may find out.

Mr. Rittenhouse has announced that lawsuits could be filed across the hyperbolic Leftist landscape.

Following in the footsteps of Covington Kid (now multi-millionaire) Nick Sandmann’s string of successful defamation suits against the media, Kyle hopes to send the message again. A message I doubt they are capable of learning. There’s a price to be paid for your outrageous antics, smears, and not just in settlements. The legal fees to defend that are not couch cushion change.

Well, maybe to these folks, because they keep doing this thinking they can get away with it.

But while Kyle Rittenhouse may have a public name, he is not a public person. He’s not elected or appointed to office. He doesn’t run some high-profile business or organization. He is not a media, sports, or entertainment personality. He’s a kid some thugs tried to kill who had the skills, tools, and sense to repel the effort successfully.

The only reason anyone even knows his name is because the same folks he’s going to sue used him as an excuse to advance their anti-self-defense agenda. They politicized Kyle Rittenhouse and then forgot he was just some kid in Kenosha.

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If the media and politicians had not picked up the story and lost their minds over it, almost no one would know his name. His trial would have been a local story of some interest on the right (as a self-defense test), but no one would be facing defamation lawsuits.

But here we are.

And the Sandmann cases were a bit different. The media completely fabricated smears and deliberately edited away or ignored context that invalidated their reporting. They elevated so-called victims who were also lying but sold it as truth without any interest in confirming facts. A court of their public opinion.

It has cost a few of them a pretty penny.

Rittenhouse at least was charged and tried in an actual court but post-verdict the outrage monkeys couldn’t fling enough poo. That may rise to the level of defamation but proving it is never easy. He will have to show a court that he was deliberately harmed and that this harm should be offset with monetary compensation.

Large sums of money.

A price the defamers may pay but not a single lesson will be learned. Progs don’t learn lessons. They don’t know how.

This article was originally published at Granite Grok.