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The Glaring Hypocrisy Of Supporting BLM Riots But Not Supporting Canada’s Freedom Movement

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing: Black Lives Matter (BLM) does not care about police brutality. BLM cares only about one thing. Power. The latest silence on the part of American and Canadian BLM chapters provides the starkest illustration of this sentiment yet. 

Senator Tom Cotton noticed this as well on a recent appearance on Fox News:

“When it was radical environmentalists shutting down pipelines in Canada, Justin Trudeau called for patience and dialogue. now that it’s conservative truckers protesting his Covid-19 mandates, he’s invoking emergency powers and using authorities that are typically designed for terrorist groups… and Joe Biden and liberals in America are cheering them on…Remember, these are the very same liberals, of course, who marched in the streets and celebrated the BLM rioters in 2020 that caused billions of dollars of damage with rioting, arson, and looting, that resulted in many deaths. Whereas these Canadian truckers have shut down some traffic.”

Nothing like staying on message, BLM.

And look, this isn’t me nitpicking. These are Black Lives Matter Canada’s own words:

“Taxpayers spend over $41 million per day collectively on police services across the country. This does not include spending on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, railway and military police, and government departments enforcing specific statutes in the areas of income tax, customs and excise, immigration, fisheries and wildlife…We can and should create a world where we all feel safe, and we all get what we need to live a life of dignity.”

Black Lives Matter pretends to be as anti-police as possible. But what does their silence over the tyrannical measures taken by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau say? 

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Obviously, they support it. And they support it because BLM doesn’t love the idea of freedom as they purport, rather they love the idea of a powerful state governed by their philosophy that squashes dissent. There is a reason Trudeau kowtowed to BLM terrorism and knelt for Floyd in 2020 but is standing firm against actual movements for freedom now. The latter represents an actual threat to the elite’s grip on control. BLM was only a facade for change. In fact, BLM represents the elitist push for groupthink and one-party rule. They are hardly distinguishable from Trudeau and Biden. The only difference is they are rough around the edges whereas the political “leaders” speak softly about their tyrannical actions.

The big takeaway is this: We all need to remember the hypocrisy and latest silence – and more importantly, remind our idiot leftist friends – when the next George Floyd-level riots occur. 

Unfortunately, we all know it will happen again. There always have been – and always will be – individuals that make stupid life choices that can be politically capitalized on. There will always be police killings of suspects. Not that we need more proof of BLM’s indifference to police brutality, but would anyone be surprised to learn that police killed 266 blacks in 2021. Where were the national riots? Were their lives less important? Were BLM leaders too busy talking to a real estate agent? 

The silence over police killings serves as a reminder that BLM flames raged through cities in 2020 because, like Covid, it was an election year featuring Donald J. Trump on the ticket. That’s all you need to know about the faux concern over lost thug lives. And even though America was set aflame for months in the aftermath of Floyd’s death because of “racism,” t’s worth remembering that Minnesota Attorney General never accused Chauvin of a hate crime because, in his own words: “We [didn’t] have any evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd’s race as he did what he did.”

Loosely translated, what it all means is that American burned over a gigantic lie. 

Just like the lie that Black Lives Matter cares about police brutality. If they did care, they would have been the most vocal over the trampling of an indigenous woman in Ottawa and would be aghast at the Stasi-like squashing of human rights and liberty. If they did care, they’d be marching alongside the Freedom Convoy.

Instead, their silence says everything we need to know about the core values of BLM.