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[WATCH] New Angle On JFK Assassination – What Really Happened?

I don’t like the term conspiracy theory. It’s a weapon used by the ruling class to deride any alternate understanding rather than being honest and transparent in the first place. Covid provides a dearth of examples: Lab origins, vaccine safety, ivermectin, mask effectiveness, etc. In reality, what we call a conspiracy theory is merely what people grasp onto when the presented narrative has plot holes.

Covid did a great job of exposing the ruling class for what it was, and I doubt I am alone in saying that the outright fraudulent response and messaging gives a lot more credence to other so-called conspiracy theories. Among them, the assassination of JFK.

First, though, take a look at this screen shot from Youtube. What do you notice?

My eyes immediately went to the disclaimer at the bottom. Gee, where have I seen those before? Climate change videos? Covid videos? Vaccine videos? Basically, anything else that gets a disclaimer from our Google overlords is the result of them pushing propaganda. In other words, if Youtube felt the need to direct my furthered education to Encyclopedia Britannica, it immediately validates any suspicion that Oswald acted alone.

The other interesting tidbit that has renewed a spark of conspiracy curiosity is the revelation that one of the most prominent reporters of the 1960s was found suspiciously dead in her home just months before publishing a tell-all book on her exclusive investigative work surrounding JFK’s own mysterious death. Do you recognize the name Dorothy Kilgallen? I certainly didn’t. How is she not a household name?

In short, Kilgallen spent two years following up on leads and looking into the mafia angle of JFK’s untimely murder. Two years after the most famous American association of the 20th century and just months before her exclusive book was set to print, she was dead of an apparent overdose. But a few peculiarities emerged. Chief among them:

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  • Her exclusive, private documents vanished. If she overdosed, where did her paperwork and investigative files go?
  • Her autopsy was conducted and presented in a shoddy manner, which ignored the presence of various narcotics whose combination would be lethal.
  • She was the closest person to the truth – beginning with interviews of Jack Ruby, Dallas police, and other intimate players who knew more than has been commonly discussed.
  • Kilgallen, almost uniquely, explored the city of New Orleans (home to a mafia boss) rather than Dallas, New York, or D.C after the fatal bullet struck Kennedy. Why?

Regarding the autopsy, this is how Wikipedia reports her death:

“On November 8, 1965, Kilgallen was found dead in her Manhattan townhouse located at 45 East 68th Street. Her death was determined to have been caused by a combination of alcohol and barbiturates. Regarding whether it was a suicide or accidental death, New York City medical examiner James Luke’s report stated, “acute ethanol and barbiturate intoxication, circumstances undetermined.”

Compare that passage to a few observations in the presentation and it’s laughable. Wikipedia won’t even hint at foul play? It would be obvious to an apprentice sleuth to explore the homicide angle. What are they covering up?

I regret not knowing this before just recently, but at the same time I am glad I know it now. How many others know of Kilgallen? The presentation posted below runs two hours, though it provides so much information and narrative it feels like twenty minutes. Credit to author Mark Shaw for compiling such fascinating research: