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“Well, You Saw Her, I Guess” – Biden Blanks On The Name Of His Supreme Court Diversity Hire (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is an embarrassment. It is hard to see how anyone could honestly think this would be better than the alternative. Nothing adds up – he is the bad of a president, man, and human being. I think it’s fair to ask if Covid was the ruling class’s game to see how much they could get away with the sheep-like polity in Western countries, and the same could be said of Biden. Were they taking bets about how bad of a candidate they could get idiot Americans to vote for?

At this point, this hypothesis makes as much sense as accepting the official narrative that more voters selected this Pope-pants-pooping, Queen-farting corrupt buffoon. Put that way, it makes much more sense.

Joe Biden out-Bidened himself in the morning presser announcing (again?) the nomination of far-left BLM radical Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Each day, this man humuilaites the entire nation with his lost trains of thought and stupid utterances. I ran out of headline space last week quoting this dunce in a piece titled “Look, You Know, Every, Uh, Well, Anyway” altogether. Here is today’s national shameful statement:

“So we see another first in the nomination of Ketanji, well, you saw her, I guess you saw Justice Brown, Justice Brown Jackson, who, uh, is, uh, on the…on the circuit court of appeals right now.”

If you’re able to bear the cringe, here he is live saying it:

It’s impossible to point out how helpless, clueless, and lost Biden is. All of America knows it. His voters and defenders know it. Deep down, they even know they are harming this country, and they wake up each day having to justify their horrendous vote by telling themselves it’s better than Trump. That lie gets harder to tell every day. But what else can you say about his pudding brain?

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The one thing that does deserve more commentary is a rebuttal to the misleading claim that Brown Jackson’s nomination is historic. It’s not. It is merely forced. Her nomination is not the result of a thorough, exhaustive search for the most preeminent legal mind in the country; far from it. Brown Jackson benefits from two superficial characteristics of race and gender and thirdly from her far-left politics. Legal consideration of the Constitutional variety is the last thing Democrats looked for or want in a justice. The Constitution is anathema to them

Joe Biden pledging before the election to put a black woman – again, not an independent-minded Candace Owens type of black woman; merely a thought-plantation and identity politics-raging black woman  – and then following through with a subpar candidate is forced and insulting. His accidental shart in the Vatican City was more historic than his selection of Ketanji Brown Jackson. Has a president ever done THAT before?