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Black Passenger Accuses Delta Airlines Of Turning Her Into Rosa Parks (VIDEO)

I don’t care for Delta Airlines, so this is not a defense of them in the least. CEO Ed Bastion can pound sand for all I care and pay his entire 2021 profits to the latest race hoax complainant. This woke moron has done so much harm to America through his support of the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, coerced vaccination of employees, and immoral masking of children, to the extent that this fake policy has resulted in toddlers being thrown off jets for struggling to breathe. There is no love lost between me and Ed.

That being said, I find it hard to believe that Delta is in the wrong in this particular case, and I value truth over most else in this world. If Delta is right and this identity politics zealot is wrong, then I will report it as such. And I am confident she is wrong.

Who and what am I talking about? Get the load on this latest race hoax, reported by the communist rag Revolt. (Here is just a sampling of the other endless race hoaxes – here, here, and here – begging the question that if racism were real then why do blacks feel the need to lie about it all the time?). In this case, the accuser is a black woman by the name of Camille Henderson. She lives in San Francisco and flies regularly to Atlanta, so right off the bat I question her claims of being oppressed. After seeing her interviewed in her home, I further got the sense she does just fine in her daily life. As I always say, if that is oppression, then sign me up.

Camille, America’s next black plaintiff looking to sue their way into riches on false accusations of racism, claims that she has turned into 2022’s version of Rosa Parks after being asked to move to the back of the aircraft on her return flight to the decrepit city of San Francisco. Revolt provides very little information from the get-go, thereby calling into doubt everything being reported. There is a bizarre setup that somehow Camille’s seat neighbors purchased first-class tickets but ended up in steerage next to her. When they asked a flight attendant mid-flight, they were told it was full. That is simply not possible. For one, you’d make damn well sure you were seated in first-class if you paid for it before taking off. For another, you wouldn’t bring it up once the plane was at cruising altitude. This story reeks of racial psy-op misinformation.

Revolt provides more unhelpful context, writing:

“I don’t want to make it a race thing, but instead of asking the two white women that were seated next to me (to move), in an attempt to accommodate them they basically made me have to move,” she [Camille] said. “I just don’t know why I had to move because that was the seat that I paid for; that was my assigned seat.”

After the flight, Henderson tried for days to file a complaint with Delta customer service, which ultimately told her there was nothing they could do. The woman told ABC 7 that a customer service representative questioned her experience, asking her, “How were you humiliated for them to ask you to go to another seat?”

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“I just want them to acknowledge that they made me feel powerless and they can’t do that to customers moving forward,” Henderson said. “Me, as a Black woman, I was displaced to make two white women comfortable. That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

It’s always about race with these people. Here’s something Revolt didn’t feel like reporting but shows up in the video if you actually watch it. I am sure they just made a mistake by leaving this part out. This is what the flight attendant says:

“Are you by yourself? There’s a seat back there in 34, but it will give you a lot more space.”

Does this sound motivated by racism? Or merely common courtesy? It’s after this exchange when Camille predictably played the race card about the black woman being asked to move and not the two white women. Let me break this down for you, sweetheart.

The flight attendant is clearly trying to help. Whatever led to the allegedly constant request for a seat reassignment by one, two, or all three women in Row 15 is not being covered, but it led to the possibility of relocation. By asking the question of her traveling alone, we basically learn all we need to know about this incident. Rather than break up the two friends, it simply makes more sense to have an individual passenger move. I’ve done this before – was I profiled? Should I sue the airlines?

People like Camille, news outlets like Revolt, and everyone else that pushes the morally-damaging and intellectually-stunting propaganda of American systemic racism needs to stop. Camille is obviously fine and any frustration she feels is the result of her own mental weakness – wrought by her belief in identity politics – and not the actions of two white co-passengers or Delta.