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Jaw-Dropping: Glitter Ash Wednesday Adds LGTBQ-Welcoming “Sparkle” To Lent

For countless Christians dating back centuries, the time of Lent has been used for meaningful symbolism and penitence. For anyone who has attended a traditional Wednesday service, the occasion is marked by more solemnity than perhaps might be usual, with frequent calls for silent meditation and prayer, as well as a quiet departure from the chapel. Lent, though not named in the Bible specifically, nonetheless captures some of the greatest and grandest ideas of man’s earthly mortality and God’s role in shaping our lives.

Apparently, that is too much to ask. An article in Minnesota’s most circulated newspaper flipped this sacred religious observation on its head in a sacrilegious effort to make the transgender community somehow feel more seen, heard, and included. One would think that God’s enduring, eternal love for mankind and the fact that all men are created in His image would be reason enough to feel included. However, one would be wrong for thinking such trivial nonsense in the age of transgender narcissism!

The Minnesota Star Tribune writes:

“Having ashes on her forehead on Ash Wednesday is nothing new for Amy Fox, a Lutheran who lives in Hastings.

But this year, she marked the usually solemn first day of Lent a little differently.

The cross on her forehead was drawn by an Episcopal priest on the sidewalk outside Geek Haven Coffee downtown. Mixed into the traditional ashes was a sparkly purple glitter, designed to symbolize support for the LGBTQ faithful.”

The opening scrawl, from an article titled “Some Hastings clergy mark Ash Wednesday with glitter to support LGBTQ faithful”, openly celebrates the destruction of traditional religion. It is less reporting than it is indirectly saying any church that doesn’t mix in glitter to its ash is somehow excluding some people. And by some people we are all meant to understand trans folks, who have replaced blacks, gays, and Muslims as the most oppressed group to ever live in the United States. 

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Let’s be really clear about one thing: Ash Wednesday has a very specific purpose. The ashes represent man’s rise from dust when God created him and breathed into the Holy Spirit. This is not a small thing. Does “from dust you came and from dust you will return sound familiar? Recognizing one’s unique place in this world and one’s own mortality calls us to reflect on our sins and make our lives as meaningful and good as possible. 

Gay/trans glitter not only doesn’t fit into this, it horrifically mutilates the entire purpose and presentation of the ash. 

Thankfully, not all clergy have lost their minds. The communist rag, locally known by sane human beings as communist-focused Minnesota (Red) Star Tribune, to its credit published a dissenting voice. It quoted Reverend Ruth Meyers saying:

“When you introduce a dramatic change like this, you have conflicting narratives that are happening there with the symbol,” she said. “One is that sign of repentance, of deep humility, of rootedness in the earth, of really getting in touch with our mortality. And then the real celebratory sign of the glitter. And those two don’t fit easily together.”

Gee, you don’t say. J.R.R. Tolkien is credited with observing the simple altruistic fact that forces of evil cannot create, rather they can only destroy. And so it is with modern leftists. They cannot create anything good; instead, they destroy – in this case, they are destroying thousands of years of holy scripture and marginaling a sacred rite to cutely package their insane and relentless effort to normalize mental illness.