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Massive Hypocrisy: Corporate Media Celebrates Democrat Mayor’s Vicious Tweets (VIDEO)

When leftwing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lifted his skirt last month and revealed his fascist tendencies by cracking down on anti-authoritarianism protests, many American moderates and even some conservatives scoffed at the notion such tyranny could trickle southward. “Not here,” they said, “not in America.” Well, don’t look now, but it’s already started. That didn’t take long.

As was the case in Canada, the shift towards totalitarianism we’re seeing in Boston is rooted in COVID. Or to be more accurate, that shift is being justified by pointing to COVID as the bogeyman-du-jour. Bostonians unhappy with Mayor Michelle Wu’s nonsensical and oppressive COVID policies began protesting, and Wu, like all true leftists, doesn’t like dissent. And when those protesters began making their voices heard near Wu’s residence, that dissent had gone too far. Solution? Silence the dissenters.

Mayor Wu has proposed an ordinance to stop “targeted residential picketing,” which begs another question: what type of picketer worth his or her salt engages in non-targeted picketing?

The reasoning for the proposal could have been written by Saul Alinsky. It states, ”We will not stand by and watch as openly racist, anti-Asian and sexist rhetoric is normalized in our community.” Got it? The issue isn’t that the protesters have a legitimate gripe against Wu’s dictatorial reign, you see… oh, no. The problem is that these protesters are racist and sexist. Because if you can’t make a legitimate case to support your decisions, just demonize those who disagree with them.

Like Justin Trudeau, Mayor Wu doesn’t like when people have opinions that don’t align with hers, and she doesn’t just sit idly by and allow those opinions to go unchecked. Consider her confrontational approach to so-called “trolls” who dare to dissent on social media:

But make no mistake, the actions of bullies like Trudeau and Wu are not about COVID, and they’re not about protecting and preserving the peace. Their actions are about control. They want to control the narrative. They want to control what you know and what you think. And they’re willing to infringe on any of your God-given rights to accomplish that goal.

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If you disagree with them on social media, they’ll censor you, kick you off Twitter or Facebook, and accuse you of engaging in ‘misinformation.’ If you disagree with them in Congress, they’ll scream at you as you sit down for dinner in a restaurant. And now, if you even try to make your dissenting voice heard on public property by peaceably protesting their draconian measures, they’ll force laws and ordinances through their leftwing governments to make such protests unlawful.

For those who think such actions will stop with COVID, you are wrong; very wrong. Today it’s COVID, but tomorrow it will be another ‘emergency.’ We’ve already seen similar actions with the ‘emergency’ of climate change, and we’re certain to see more. We should expect to see these tactics with the ‘emergencies’ of imaginary systemic racism, gender insanity, and reproductive justice (aka killing babies). The tyranny we’ve seen is just getting started.

Leftists in the West have seen what they can get away with, and they believe they have the blueprint to accomplishing their goals moving forward. Don’t let it happen. Speak up, make your voice heard, and when they tell you to sit down, say, “hell no.” We all need to take a stand.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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