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[WATCH] This Amazing Video Of The Freedom Convoy And Their Massive American Flag Will Give You The CHILLS

When you think you’re the last sane human being in America, a video comes along that challenges every prior notion. You are not alone in our fight to save the greatest country in the history of the world – far from it. And this video is a powerful reminder that men and women the country over share your love of the values and ideals of this great nation.

Drone footage captured an awe-inspiring, bone-chilling, and gooseberry-raising video of a massive American flag, hundreds of patriots, and one of the best anthems for freedom this country has ever known. Here is the one-minute video below:

Is it Francis Scott Key witnessing that our flag was still there or victorious World War Two soldiers raising the colors on Mount Suribachi? Maybe not, but we needed this. For all of the concerns of an American convoy rolling into Washington, D.C. and despite Democrat poll-readers pivoting on their evil, always-false Covid narrative, the convoy can still function in a different capacity. Namely, to inspire countless Americans that freedom is still loved and valued from sea to shining sea.