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The BDS Infatuation of Ben & Jerry’s: What We Should Really Divest Of Is Democrats

Ben & Jerry were self-hating Jews befoe they sold their little Ice Cream concern to Unilever. The left-wing activism runs deep, but the brand has gone all-in on the BDS movement in recent years.

We’ve been writing about it, but I just learned some new facts I wanted to share.

First, as a primer – if you’re behind the curve on the topic – you go here and catch up. You’ll discover how Jews in the US and Israel have been pushing back against Ben & Jerry’s BS on (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) BDS.

It’s fun to watch real people reject work corporatism. This brings us to Avi Zinger.

Zinger is suing Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s) for breach of contract, among other things.

Zinger said he first learned about Ben & Jerry’s in the mid-1980s and thought it had the potential to become a popular brand in Israel. He met with Ben Cohen, the ice cream’s founder, at Cohen’s home in Vermont and spent time traveling around the state learning how to manufacture the product.

In 1987, Zinger said he signed his first contract to distribute Ben & Jerry’s exclusively throughout Israel, and the ice cream took off.

I didn’t know that. I also didn’t know this. Zinger says the ice cream is very popular with Palestinians in the West Bank (the disputed territory over which Ben & Jerry’s jimmies are so rustled. They are his biggest customers.

Here’s another thing I didn’t know. The BDS zombies wanted Zinger to halt sales in the West Bank.

Zinger said he refused and told Ben & Jerry’s that this would violate Israeli law. The country prohibits sales discrimination based on race, religion, and other factors, including residence, according to the lawsuit. Israel’s anti-boycott law also bars “any person from knowingly calling for a boycott against the state of Israel or any area under its control,” according to the suit.

Avi Zinger can’t discriminate. He has to make the product available to everyone, so Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s) says it is terminating his contract. If You can’t stop selling ice cream in the West Bank, then no one in Isreal shall have it.

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I think that was the plan all along. I mean, seriously. If your goal is to end all business with Isreal, then end it, but you better be prepared to swallow this.

Alyza Lewin, president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and one of the attorneys representing Zinger, said Unilever is “destroying a successful business that provides jobs for refugees, new immigrants, and the disabled; economic opportunity for Palestinians; financial support for Israeli-Palestinian peace and coexistence programs, and education and training for Palestinian students and farmers.”

The BDS movement will, by design, like everything the Left does, harm the people they claim to be helping because Democrats destroy everything they touch.

The only cure for that is to treat them like the children they are and child-proof the planet. I know, that sounds expensive, so how about this. Keep them away from positions of authority, and we can accomplish almost precisely the same thing.

Boycott, Divest, and Sanction the Democrat party everywhere it puts its sooty foot. That should do the trick.

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Managing Editor and co-owner of, a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

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