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Women Can’t Swim… Who Cares?

“Genesis,” tells us that God created woman to complete man, not to compete with man.

For those who accept this beginning, they need to ponder the idea that came from this creation. For those who don’t accept such a beginning, they need to wallow in their trans-mankind sewage, annoying those with whom they cannot compete; pretending fallow thoughts will politically develop into some kind of cultural power via political muscle.

Many of the first kind above need to perhaps rethink the sexual (not gender) politics of the past generation or two. These are the people, calling themselves conservatives, who found themselves in the political camp with Gloria Steinem et babe.  In other words, their souls were for sale.

Missouri Senatorial candidate Vicky Hartzler recently was on a cable news outlet discussing a male swimmer and his sham campaign to compete with the girls because, as he lies, he “feels” like a girl. Moreover, Mrs. Hartzler’s comments concerned the possibility that women’s sports would disappear if men could compete in women’s sports.

I agree. In fact, anyone with any sense agrees. Of course, we lose most of Congress and most of our judges with this ‘any sense’ qualification. But Kudos to Mrs. Hartzler for making the effort. Hopefully, she means it and she isn’t just chasing votes. Republicans are notorious liars when spitting out conservative bullet points. Democrats are just notorious liars, spitting or not.

The political winds bend on these things as the record shows clearly. Otherwise, where were the so-called conservatives like Mrs. Hartzler when the military academies of 50 years ago were being restructured into coed colleges and today, once masculine bastions of sweat and conditioning like Parris Island are not much more than boys and girls, camps.

Such once-proud male institutions were almost heroic in turning out honorable gentlemen (no, not males like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Clinton or Prince whatshisname). But, no more. Society has decreed there can be no ladies and gentlemen anymore. A man need not stand when a woman enters the room. He can do nothing or he can belch. Who would care – or notice?

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Where now our military is deep into trans-people (once called homosexuality) and the results show up clearly in the Pentagon and the strength and character of our officer corps. It is only a question of time when it shows results on the battlefield if the Washington Warmongers have their way.

But, girls’ sports? No more of them, most likely. But don’t blame the progressives. Blame the so-called conservatives. They had their chance and failed. They could have stood with ladies like Elaine Donnelly or at least with what they routinely call their own values—Biblical values? Ha! Political values most likely.

At the fall, in Eden, the woman having been tempted, then tempted the man. The result being both were expelled from the Garden, after the woman is stricken as a subordinate to man. He and she had not been equal before (any more than apples and oranges are equal) but now she was under him to the point of a lesser being. Adam, having lost the life of eternity and perfect senses now must rule (from imperfection) over his woman.

Having taken on the burden of sin, Adam (man) and his seed are now permeated with the temptations of seduction, abuse, rape, and all that might go with superiority over another in a sinful world.  Even though God had left him with a conscience, Satan is more powerful. Man, and woman, now live through sinful personalities.

“We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” C.S. Lewis

“Now, we build women without breasts and expect milk and kindness. We laugh at chastity and are surprised to find rapists in our midst.” Paul H. Yarbrough

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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