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[WATCH] Trump Torches “O’Biden” Over His Russia Policy Failures In Podcast Appearance

Donald Trump has been quite active in speaking and podcast circuits in recent months. It seems each day that he is preparing to announce his return to the presidential campaign trail. 

In an interview with RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, on her podcast Real America, the former president did not mince words when discussing Joe Biden’s abject failures surrounding the Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s massive oil profits, both of which can be seen as stemming from Biden’s insane position on drilling and transporting domestic oil.

McDaniel asked the obvious question we are all asking – namely, why is Putin doing this now and not under the four years when America was helmed by Trump himself. The answer to Trump and everyone else is also obvious. Here was Trump’s response:

“There was never anybody tougher on Russia than I was.

And I would say that Putin would, if he was being honest, he would say that the sanctions I put on — I was the one that ended Nord Stream. There was never anybody even close. I mean, Nord Stream 2 was the biggest thing. Nobody ever even heard of it until I came along and complained. And then I shut it down, and there was never anything so big that happened to Russia than shutting down Nord Stream 2. And then Biden came in and he opened it up almost immediately. I couldn’t believe it. And now we are where we are. It’s a disgrace. 

The other thing we are, and we’re just a little while ago, energy independent. We were producing more energy by far than Russia or Saudi Arabia. We were going to be double the size of both in a very short period of time, probably within 12 months. But we were energy independent for the first time in more than 72 years. And that was a killer for Russia because we brought the price of energy down. We were down at $30 a barrel, $32 a barrel, $40 a barrel. And actually much less than that for a period of time. 

And nobody had ever seen anything. And that was certainly tough for Russia and other countries because they had to go out and they had to compete with those prices. And now they’re making a fortune with what’s going on, and we’re buying energy from Russia.”

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The whole interview can be seen below:

Of course, Trump was just getting started. He then took every other 21st-century president to task for their policy failures with Russia. McDaniel noted that Putin took action under Bush, Obama, and now Biden that incursions in sovereign territory took place.

Breitbart reported on that exchange:

Trump replied by recounting how aggressive Putin has been under every other president than him during the 21st century. “He took over Georgia, he took over Crimea, and now it looks like he’s taking over the world the way Biden talks,” Trump said. “During my four years — in fact, I watched Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd the other day, which it’s not often that I watch him, and he asked I guess [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken a question: ‘How come this didn’t happen during the four years that Trump was president?’ You know what the answer was? ‘I don’t know.’”

The world is a much darker, less safe place with Donald Trump. His return to the White House can’t come soon enough.